Bitrix 24: A Tool That Brings Order to Law


In between advertising and employee management, analytics and legal process outsourcing, law firms indeed have a lot on their plate. Your attorneys are struggling with an abundance of tasks of their own, while your marketing team fights yet another battle for competitive edge? Bitrix24 makes sure that you have the internal structure you need, so that you can make sure justice is served anytime, anywhere.

Bitrix24 Features

  • Tasks & Projects
  • Real Time Communications
  • File Sharing & Drive
  • Scheduling & Calendar Sync
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Employee & Workload Management
  • Access Permissions
  • Mobile App
  • Report builder

«Bitrix24 is a collaborative suite that connects CRM, instant messaging, collaboration, and task management into one package.»

Business Insider

Benefits of Bitrix24

  • Improve business process mapping to optimize efficiency
  • Employ automation to reduce time spent on administration
  • Collaborate with clients and manage relationships
  • Offer transparency, bind them to the firm
  • Send invoices from CRM with a single click
  • Communicate and share while outsourcing
  • Keep confidential documents on drive, locked and secured
  • Beat competition with automated email marketing campaigns

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