AI-driven marketing
suite for restaurants

More guests. Less hassle. Maximum efficiency.
30+ tools, incl. free CRM
A single platform to manage orders, run marketing,
and handle customer relations
Bitrix24 CRM is designed to be fully integrated into your business processes
and help you make the right decisions.
Transform the way you engage with your guests and employees
There's so much you can do with Bitrix24 - from sales and marketing automation to inventory
management and customer service.
CRM & lead management
Generate leads and get them moving down the sales funnel automatically. Track your marketing costs and calculate ROI to see which channels work best.
Sales & marketing automation
Promote your brand and run marketing campaigns targeted at specific customer segments via Facebook, Instagram, messengers, email, SMS, and push notifications.
Payroll & team management
Track working hours via online time clock. Navigate easily thru multiple pay rates. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations for every pay period.
24/7 customer service
Enable live chat on your website to handle orders and provide quality customer service. Set up a chatbot for quick replies & smart request routing.
Online ordering & payment processing
Take and process orders online. Accept payments directly in your CRM and get orders delivered to your clients. Track orders online. All within Bitrix 24.
Ideal for takeout/delivery
With Bitrix24, you can easily switch to takeout/delivery, take orders, accept payments, organize and track deliveries - all done via a single online platform.
CRM & lead management
Integrate CRM with your POS and collect customer data from multiple sources. Create segments and set up automation rules to let your CRM do the lead qualification job for you.
All your customer data is stored safely and securely. Navigate thousands of records with style and ease
Use automation rules to collect and organize customer data faster
Get amazing customer insights to understand how your guests engage with your business
Sales and marketing automation
Keep your guests coming back by running targeted marketed campaigns via Facebook, Google Ads, email, push notifications, messengers, and other platforms. Track and analyze all the actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns in our Sales Intelligence center.
Nurture your guests with marketing campaigns that show your appreciation and encourage their future patronage
Promote your restaurant on all major advertising platforms to increase brand awareness and drive new customers
Set up a loyalty program to keep your patrons happy with personalized discounts and offers
Ideal for takeout/delivery
With the pandemic restrictions still in place and the overall situation is rather volatile, you never know when you will be forced to switch to takeout and/or delivery. With Bitrix24, you can easily do so. Accept and store orders online in your CRM, run loyalty programs by creating customer segments based on the average customer spend and frequency of visits, and accept payments online, and more.
Web forms and online chats to receive orders
Store orders, accept payments and organize deliveries online
Online time clock to manage working hours and shift schedules
Payroll & team management
Restaurants with an integrated payroll & team management platform save big on administrative costs and run their operations more efficiently. Add our in-house task management, employee chats, and video calls to complete the picture.
Track working hours and manage shifts via time clock from smartphone or desktop
Calculate wages, bonuses and taxes using our third-party integrated solutions
Manage paid time off and sick leaves using our absence chart
24/7 customer service
Provide quality customer service to your guests and site visitors using various communication tools: live chat, VoIP telephony, social media + messengers, email
Live chat widget with customizable rules, routing, and conversation transfers
Classic helpdesk to handle customer requests via email, messengers, or phone calls
Fully customizable chatbot and canned replies to handle customer requests and orders faster
Online ordering & payment processing
An ideal solution for small cafes and takeaway restaurants, Bitrix24 acts as your POS terminal allowing you to: receive and process orders (even online), accept payments, organize deliveries, track order status
Receive an order via website, phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, or another source
Create a CRM entry based on the order and send a payment link to the client
Choose the type of delivery and accept the payment. Track the order status online

Bitrix24 FAQ

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is an online workspace designed to be used by a group of people for sales, marketing, project management, and other activities. It features CRM, tasks, chats, online meetings, and 30+ more tools.

How do I get started with Bitrix24?

To create an account, all you need to do is enter your email address, confirm it, and that’s it! Your Bitrix24 account is ready to use.

How much is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 has 4 membership plans:

  • FREE. Unlimited users, free forever, limited functionality.
  • BASIC. Up to 5 users, £45/mo, great for small businesses and sales teams.
  • STANDARD. Up to 50 users, £93/mo, perfect collaboration for your entire company.
  • PROFESSIONAL. Unlimited users, £186/mo, advanced sales and business process automation.
  • ENTERPRISE. Up to 10,000 users, starting from £374/mo, digital transformation tools for large businesses and enterprises

Please note that all of our plans are flat-rate, which means you can keep adding more and more users within your plan limit and still pay the same amount of money per month.

What devices can I use Bitrix24 on?

You can use Bitrix24 in any browser, as a desktop app (for Windows or Mac), or as a mobile app (for iOS or Android).

Will my data be safe with Bitrix24?

As safe as can be. Bitrix24 stores data in 17 data centers and 600 servers in North America and Europe, depending on the country you are in. All of our data collecting and handling procedures are fully GDPR-compliant.

What are the access levels in Bitrix24?

Here they are:

  • Employee/user. All new invited users are granted the “employee” position by default, if not set differently by the administrator.
  • Head of a department. These will have extended access permissions to the account. For example, such users will see their subordinate's tasks work reports.
  • Administrator: the user who has been granted administrative access to the account.
  • Extranet user: marked with the Extranet icon and have limited access to your account.
30,000+ success stories
That's exactly how many cafés and restaurants have been using Bitrix24 to run their business smoothly and achieve maximum cost efficiency.
"Bitrix24 opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my restaurant. I found it really convenient to have a single tool for all my needs - whether it's managing orders, doing accounting, or creating special offers for my guests.

The fact that all of my employees are able to clock in and clock out using just the Bitrix24 mobile app on their smartphones has already saved me plenty of time and money.

Definitely would recommend Bitrix24 to any restaurant owner - it just makes everything easier and more streamlined."

Cesare Buglione, owner of Don Cento Ristorante
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