Task tracking

Knowing exactly how many tasks an employee is currently working on and how much time it takes to complete them is crucial to increasing work efficiency and improving team collaboration. Bitrix24 features a wide range of tools to help you with team task tracking – here are just some of them.

Improved task control

Adding a checklist to your task in the Bitrix24 work task tracker makes it easy to complete it and ensure that nothing important has been overlooked.


Easier to manage complex tasks

Subtasks are ideal in situations when a task you’re working on is just too big, and you need to split it into several smaller chunks of work, each with its own assignee.


Unlimited subtasks and checklists

Create as many checklists or subtasks as you need and keep completing them one by one until you finish the whole task.


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CoPilot task summary

You don’t have to read every comment under every task to understand what it’s about and what the current status is – just ask CoPilot to give you a task summary, and you’ll get one in a second.


Ideal for supervisors

When your team member is ready to close a task in the Bitrix24 project task tracker, you can request them to leave a comment containing the task summary. Once they post it, it gets pinned on top where you can easily read it at your convenience.


Always pinned to the top

When a comment is marked as task status summary, it gets pinned to the top of the thread, making it easier to read for the supervisor and everyone else involved.


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Task planned time

Set the task planned time and compare it with the actual time it took to complete that task. This task tracking tool is a simple and straightforward way to measure your employee efficiency.


Task time tracking

Enable the time tracking option to see how much time it will take to complete a task. Use this data to optimize your team workload and plan projects more efficiently. The time task tracker can be paused/resumed when needed.


Task history

All the task tracking changes are reflected in the task history. There, you can see how many times a task was put on pause, the duration of these pauses, and the overall work pace.


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Real-time workload tracking

In the supervisor dashboard, you can see what each of your subordinates are up to at the moment and how many tasks they are currently working on. From there, you can quickly jump to any of the tasks and check on the work progress there.


Employee efficiency

Bitrix24 free task tracking software allows you to see the percentage of successfully completed tasks by an employee for a specific period of time – this data can be used to evaluate work efficiency.


Customizable access permissions

In accordance with your position in the company structure, you can see only see the tasks of your subordinates (department, team, etc.). The account administrator, however, has full access to all employees’ tasks.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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