One System for All Internal and External Communications


The phone keeps ringing, but you’re still a few contacts short of filling in your client database? If only there was a way of integrating your phone system with a CRM! Our telephony solution does exactly that, but wait, there’s more: you’ll never miss another call or fail to record the client info you received. Track every conversation, then store it directly to our CRM for further use. With Bitrix24, exceptional customer service and better relationships are only a call away.

Bitrix24 Features

  • Business Phone System
  • Relay Phone Number
  • Rent a Number
  • Keep Your Current Number
  • SIP Phone and Softphone Support
  • Calling Colleagues
  • Calling Clients from the CRM
  • Callback Widget
  • Build-In Telephony

«The newly updated CRM now comes with its own activity streams and new reporting tools for leads, managers and invoices. Thanks to integrations with Zingaya's VoxImplant, web phone calls can now be made and recorded directly from Bitrix24 account without any IP-telephony equipment, server or complicated setup.»

CMS Critic

Benefits of Bitrix24

  • Call internationally, pay domestically
  • No installations or add-ons required
  • Suitable for all popular SIP devices
  • Flexible settings for sales and customer support, from queues and forwarding to phone hours and blacklists
  • Dial all available employees with a single call
  • Replace your existing system with an improved one, but keep the number that’s already on your business cards

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