Work from home, office
or on the go

A single platform to manage your company,
employees, and clients remotely
30+ tools, incl. free CRM
Modern businesses don’t need an office. They need Bitrix24
Bitrix24 features all the tools you need to run your business online and achieve maximum efficiency wherever you are - at home, in the office, or on the go.
Online communication
Write messages and send files in chats, make instant video calls, organize videoconferences (up to 48 participants).
Tasks & project management
Create workgroups and assign tasks remotely. Monitor deadlines and get KPIs calculated automatically.
Employee management
Track working hours, breaks, and sick leaves via online time clock. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations.
Unified online workspace
Create, edit, and share all your documents and files in a single and secure space using Bitrix.Drive.
Online sales and marketing
Take orders & accept payments online directly from your CRM. Run marketing campaigns + track actionable metrics.
Available on multiple platforms
Use Bitrix24 in your browser or download our desktop app for a more convenient experience. Get our mobile app to use Bitrix24 on the go.
Online communication
Encourage social interactions within your team in a natural way tied in with their work. Stimulate employee engagement and drive organizational growth using our communication tools.
HD video calls or video conferences with up to 48 participants. No time limit
Activity stream/social intranet with chats, posts, comments, shares, and likes
Create, edit and share files and documents
Tasks & project management
Manage your team remotely, assign tasks, control deadlines, follow the task progress, monitor individual KPIs, and get notified of any activities on the tasks in progress.
See what tasks your team members are working on at the moment
Use business process automation to save time on routine/recurring tasks
Collaborate with your team via chat, video conferencing, email, or other means
Employee management
Generate salary slips and manage leaves effortlessly. Pay your employees on time and accurately with our simple, self-service time tracking.
Track working hours and manage shifts via time clock from smartphone or desktop
Calculate wages, bonuses, and taxes using our third-party integrated solutions
Manage paid time off, sick leaves and absences easily
Unified online workspace
Create, edit, and share all your documents and files online. All your data is stored securely on your Bitrix.Drive with customizable access permissions (even for external users).
One-stop information database with all the necessary files always at hand
Upload contracts, share documents and give specific employees permission to view the documents
Create knowledge bases inside your Bitrix24 account to share the knowledge across your team
Online sales & marketing
Run your sales and marketing campaigns fully online with over 30+ e-commerce and marketing tools on board. Accept and store orders online in your CRM, run loyalty programs, manage your inventory, and accept payments online, and more.
Template-based e-shop builder with free hosting and custom domain names
Run marketing campaigns right out of your CRM + track metrics
Receive client feedback via online forms and/or chats
Available on multiple platforms
No matter what platform you prefer, you always get an enjoyable Bitrix24 experience with all the necessary tools at hand.
In-browser version: the default Bitrix24 experience optimized for slow Internet connections
Desktop app: really shines when it comes to working with projects or having video conferences
Mobile app: ideal for quick communication and team management when you’re on the go

Bitrix24 FAQ

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is an online workspace designed to be used by a group of people for sales, marketing, project management, and other activities. It features CRM, tasks, chats, online meetings, and 30+ more tools.

How do I get started with Bitrix24?

To create an account, all you need to do is enter your email address, confirm it, and that’s it! Your Bitrix24 account is ready to use.

How much is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 has 4 membership plans:

  • FREE. Unlimited users, free forever, limited functionality.
  • BASIC. Up to 5 users, £45/mo, great for small businesses and sales teams.
  • STANDARD. Up to 50 users, £93/mo, perfect collaboration for your entire company.
  • PROFESSIONAL. Unlimited users, £186/mo, advanced sales and business process automation.
  • ENTERPRISE. Up to 10,000 users, starting from £374/mo, digital transformation tools for large businesses and enterprises

Please note that all of our plans are flat-rate, which means you can keep adding more and more users within your plan limit and still pay the same amount of money per month.

What devices can I use Bitrix24 on?

You can use Bitrix24 in any browser, as a desktop app (for Windows or Mac), or as a mobile app (for iOS or Android).

Will my data be safe with Bitrix24?

As safe as can be. Bitrix24 stores data in 17 data centers and 600 servers in North America and Europe, depending on the country you are in. All of our data collecting and handling procedures are fully GDPR-compliant.

What are the access levels in Bitrix24?

Here they are:

  • Employee/user. All new invited users are granted the “employee” position by default, if not set differently by the administrator.
  • Head of a department. These will have extended access permissions to the account. For example, such users will see their subordinate's tasks work reports.
  • Administrator: the user who has been granted administrative access to the account.
  • Extranet user: marked with the Extranet icon and have limited access to your account.
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"Thanks to Bitrix24, we were able to go remote within just 2 days - my whole department and the whole company, that’s over 150 people. With the recent addition of video calls and conferences to the product, I really don’t have anything to complain about."

Mike Kaminski, Intelics Development & Design Studio
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