TwiSMS: Twilio SMS

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TwiSMS: Twilio SMS
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This application allows you to integrate Bitrix24 with Twilio to send and receive SMS from your clients.

1. This application allows you to send and receive SMS from Lead, Deal, Contact and Company card;
2. Outgoing SMS is sent to your client as SMS. Incoming SMS come as comment in Lead, Deal, Contact or Company;
3. Before using the application you have to create a Twilio account and buy a number in Twilio (please check video below);
4. You may test the app for free for 50 SMS;
5. After 50 SMS you will be charged for 25$ per month.
6. Also you may send and receive MMS.
7. If not able to receive MMS, please check if that option active in Twilio: Messaging>Settings>General then check if "Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs" is Disabled

Together with our application CallCenter24 you may USE ONE NUMBER FOR CALLS AND SMS!

(Pricing policy of Twilio by region)

Please check video below for installation procedure:

Version 2
1. Added notifications system for incoming SMS
2. If incoming SMS comes fr om phone number which doesn't exist in CRM, then a new Lead will be created.
3. Incoming SMS will be registered in Contact, Company and Deal. Notification will be sent to the Deal's responsible person.
4. If phone number of incoming SMS exist only in Contact or Company, but no Deal or Lead, then SMS will be registered only in Contact or Company (depending wh ere phone number is saved). Notification will be sent to a person responsible for the Contact or Company.

Version 1
This application allows you to integrate Bitrix24 with Twillio to send and receive SMS from your clients.

If you got a problem with installation or any other issues,
please Send a message directly from your Bitrix24:
Installation procedure:

1. Create account in Twilio;
2. Buy a number from Twilio;
3. Install our app TwiSMS;
4. On first page of TwiSMS you have to enter Twilio account SID. On main page of your Twilio account you may find that number;
5. Then on top-right corner in Twilio in search box type API. In list of items sel ect API keys;
6. Then you have to create an API key;
7. Once you created a key, you have to have Twilio API key SID and Twilio API key secret;
8. Take both numbers and enter in TwiSMS setting page;
9. Save and then select phone number fr om the list of numbers;
10. Done! Now you may use TwiSMS for outgoing and incoming SMS.

If you still need help for installation, please check that video:

or ask your question in this chat