Rates & Credits

Calling Rates*

USA (excluding Alaska)
from USD 0.013/min
from USD 0.148/min
Canada (excluding Northwest)
from USD 0.010/min
from USD 0.015/min
from USD 0.005/min
USD 0.040/min
from USD 0.015/min
Republic of South Africa
from USD 0.160/min

Rental Fees

Rent local number
Rent toll free number (US, UK)
Rent SIP connector *

* - SIP connector supports up to 10 PBX

Number rental and outbound call fees are deducted from your available telephony credits. For example, if you purchase $30 worth of telephony credits and decide to rent a local phone number, $4 to $11 will be deducted from your credits. The remaining $26 to $19 can be spent on phone calls.

Call Transcription

Automatic call transcription (80 languages)

Call transcription fees are deducted from the telephony credits.

Telephony credits

Add credits to Telephony balance
top up

You can enable/disable the automatic balance top-up option in your Voximplant account.
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