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Using Bitrix24 as free Todoist alternative

Todoist is a web and mobile-based to-do list and task manager, one of the most popular in its category. Todoist reviews are overwhelmingly positive, at least as far as solo use goes. While its creators have created two group-centric solutions (Wedoist and Todoist for Business, also known as ItsEnterprise), Todoist as a team and collaborative todo doesn't offer anything other than basic task and project management. There is no client management, no document approval workflows, no business process automation and other essential group collaboration tools. Unfortunately, Todoist is not available as self-hosted software, so there is no way to get access to source code and customize it in any meaningful way. If you are looking for a free Todoist alternative, the one that's available in cloud and on-premise, with full source code access and advanced project and client management tools, try Bitrix24 now.

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Todoist Pros

  • 2 million users
  • Inexpensive
  • Great design
  • Very simple
  • API

Todoist Cons

  • Few collab tools
  • PM is too basic
  • Very little automation
  • No client mgmt

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Free for 12 users
  • Client mgmt/billing
  • Source code access
  • Email server
  • 35+ collab tools

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