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Free Workflow Automation in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with free online workflow automation and business process management tools that can shoot your productivity through the roof, while eliminating the need to perform routine tasks manually. The system is industry independent and can be used to establish, standardize, and monitor processes and workflows in any department of your company.

* - please note that workflow automation is now only available in Bitrix24 Standard and Professional plans.



Document Workflow Management

Because Bitrix24 comes with free document management, it’s perfect for document workflow. It is typically used for document approval, be that a simple approval, multi-stage approval or majority vote process.


CRM Workflow Management

Business process management tools are built into Bitrix24 CRM in order to automate sales workflow. You can use it to automatically assign new leads to your sales representatives based on some rule or notify a supervisor via email when lead changes status. Once you get familiar with it, you can build far more complex workflows that involve email marketing or other high value activities.


HR Process Automation

The free HRIS (human resources information system) in Bitrix24 is capable of automating most HR processes and workflows, such as time off and annual leave requests, resume management, service requests and HR forms, or creating employee self-service portal. Some features are available in Self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 only.

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Purchasing and Accounting

Expense approval, bid and tender management, business trip requests, invoice approval and many other related tasks can be turned into workflows with Bitrix24. For example, here’s a scenario for payment requests and approval automated with Bitrix24. Some features are available in Self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 only.


IT, HelpDesk and Customer Service

Bitrix24 can be used as internal or external helpdesk. It can be set up to automate online service requests, assign personnel based on services required and create complex ‘if-then’ scenarios. Please note that self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 comes with a built-in ticketing and support module, which is not available in the cloud version.


Automatic Task Creation / Notifications

Business processes in Bitrix24 can be set up to automatically create tasks for yourself or your subordinates when a certain condition is met. For example, a task such as “Send this contract via Fedex” can be assigned to an office manager automatically after a document approval workflow has been successfully completed. Likewise, e-mail or instant messages can be sent out.


Social BPM

Bitrix24 comes with a powerful social BPM module in the form of enterprise social network. It allows you to coordinate business process management with your coworkers, receive instant feedback, and to extend automation to every type of employee via their computers or iOS or Android based devices.


While the cloud version of Bitrix24 is free, a self-hosted version that you can host your server and customize is available as well. The self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 starts at $4990, comes with the source code, CMS and API. Please note that it also has additional tools not listed here, such as HelpDesk and Ticketing. Free 30 day demo is available.

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