A user-friendly CRM for a custom furniture company

Denise Cintron

Owner/Operator, Artistic Closets Inc.

"Thank you for creating a user-friendly program that meets the needs of many small business owners."


Artistic Closets Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and is a family owned & operated company. Together, with a team of highly experienced and caring employees who meet high expectations, forms the well- known and highly referred Artistic Closets Team.


Artistic Closets was looking for software for 6 months that would integrate various programs in one for our custom closet company.


We came upon Bitrix24 and decided this was the program we were looking for. We are in the beginning phase of set-up and feel strongly it best suits our needs. It is very user-friendly, reasonably priced and can be enhanced with other programs integrated to meet our growing needs.

Artistic Closets Inc. and 15 million other businesses around the world have chosen Bitrix24

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