A strong foundation for a major developer in South Africa

Alda Erasmus

Head Of Communications, Cosmopolitan Projects and Central Developments Property Group

"Bitrix24 is not just our CRM system; it has become an integral part of our entire business."


The Cosmopolitan and Central Developments Property Group has been developing residential property in South Africa since 1992. We do everything in the development process from start to finish: procure land, do market research and product development, secure development funding, and oversee the town planning and civil services process. We also do in-house project management, construction, marketing, administration, finances, and rental and property management.


In 2017, we started looking for a better way of managing our leads. Until then, our sales leads were managed on Excel spreadsheets and in agents’ personal notebooks, which were inefficient methods resulting in numerous mistakes and inaccurate data. We started researching various CRM systems and found most of them extremely expensive and heavily reliant on development consultants, which would increase the cost even more.


We eventually decided on Bitrix24, of which even the free version met our initial need for improved leads management. Besides its affordability, other factors that influenced our decision to use Bitrix24 were its user-friendliness, easy customisability, and the fact that it is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. The pricing model was very appealing since we had hundreds of sales agents operating in various locations who had to have access to the system. With the help of our Bitrix24 Business Partner, FullView Solutions, we integrated Bitrix24 with South Africa’s leading property portal, Property24, via Bitrix24’s API.

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