What is cold calling?

In sales, the term cold calling designates a technique of contacting potential customers over the phone in order to convince them to buy something.
What makes this activity different from other telemarketing sales techniques is that cold calling strictly refers to contacting new customers who have neither shown a pronounced interest nor bought anything from your company yet (hence, the ‘cold’ in the name).
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How to do cold calling?

In addition to some serious salesman skills, you’re going to need a list of clients to call to, complete with their phone numbers. Now, how and where you get them is another question. Ideally, this should be done in a natural manner - say, you have a form on your website, or something like that.
The second thing you need is a phone. Ideally, a whole telephony system that allows you and your team to make calls more professionally.
Finally, you want to be able to track the results of your cold calls and any sales that you make (or lack thereof). For this, you might need a CRM system.

Cold calling in Bitrix24

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