Articles 8 Game-Changing Benefits of VoIP Systems for Small Businesses

8 Game-Changing Benefits of VoIP Systems for Small Businesses

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
8 Game-Changing Benefits of VoIP Systems for Small Businesses

A lot of things in the business world are always changing, including the needs, buying capabilities, and practicalities of the consumer. One thing that remains unaltered is business communications – the demand for it, the expected quality and benefits of well-executed sales, communications, and marketing plans. You can deliver the exceptional kind time and time again with the appropriate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems for your small business.

If you’re at a loss when it comes to what you should be looking for, don’t despair. In this article, we’re going over the benefits of VoIP systems to give you an idea of the things you should consider before acquiring one for your company. Keep in mind that the size of your venture is immaterial. What counts are your clients and customers, along with your long-term plans for your business.

VoIP systems as technological solutions for your small business

You might still think VoIP systems are just glorified modern versions of the old-fashioned landline phones with a few additional bells and whistles, but it’s actually more than that. The benefits of VoIP systems are far more invaluable for any company to invest in. If you have a vision for your business for the long haul that’s out of the ordinary, you have landed on the right article just for you.

Migrating from the traditional phone system and selecting to employ VoIP phone systems instead brings your small business the transformative power of modern innovations by enhancing your venture’s operational efficiency, reducing costs, and providing top-notch communication capacities. If you need more convincing, read on and consider your options.

1. Getting & keeping in touch with customers and clients does not break the bank

Being a small business, you’re likely keeping a close eye on expenditures and investments in software and hardware. Traditional landline subscriptions can cost a hefty penny and might not be the answer to all of your business needs. VoIP systems are a great way to stay connected with clients, customers, suppliers, and the like without causing major damage to your budget while also providing you with everything you require of a communication channel.

Some of the cost-effective benefits of VoIP systems include:

  • Reduced fees (or none at all) for both domestic and international calls – whether they’re video or audio calls – and even instant messaging

  • One unified network for both data and telephones

  • You can use your mobile phone as your office phone extension, eliminating the need for phone installations

  • Remote staff and field workers will no longer need to travel to and from the office for meetings, debriefings, and other events

  • VoIP hardware is more affordable when compared to traditional landline telephones

  • No recurring charges or calling expenses

  • Add-on features often come at minimal cost

Cost-effectiveness aside, one IP telephony for business is also easy to manage, use, and introduce to the rest of the company. You won’t have to deal with the “change is difficult” dogma. Not only are most systems designed to be used much like a physical landline phone, but they also give multiple users control over their own access to their phone and extension line, like answering protocols, call forwarding rules, and even reporting functions.

2. You can rest assured each interaction is always safe and secure

In this day and age of scammers and hackers, security is the topmost priority for most when looking for small business VoIP systems. Advanced encryption proficiency, as well as identity management and the like can elevate the level of security and increase VoIP advantages. Another good thing about the benefits of VoIP systems for SMEs is that service providers are always stepping up their game when it comes to keeping their clients and subscribers safe.

Trustworthy VoIP providers also conduct independent security audits and random checks and configure automated alerts for suspicious activities such as spam calls and phishing messages. They also influence positive change in the company, such as encouraging staff to periodically update and resist sharing their network access passwords on top of running and completing operating system updates regularly, further adding to internet telephony benefits. Doing all of these consistently helps ensure that your business is kept safe from breaches.

Optimal VoIP systems can be configured to provide virtual meeting access codes and passwords, and they also offer the capability for meeting facilitators to lock the 'room' once all invited attendees are present. Within the 'room,' meeting participants have the option to utilize a chat window for sending instant messages, reactions, or files while the conference is ongoing.

3. Highly-improved call quality with IP telephony for business

With VoIP systems nowadays, you won’t have to yell down the phone line or retreat to a conspicuous corner of the office to get a better reception and clearer line. Each call is crisp, so nothing is missed, and no time is wasted in having to repeat yourself many times over. Coupled with a highly reliable and top-quality internet service provider (ISP), you can raise the clarity of your communications to no end.

The key to making IP telephony for business work for your small venture is an excellent ISP with a robust connection and good bandwidth. You can then be sure your calls will not have any lags, latency, or other issues, such as calls getting disconnected without reason. A sizable bandwidth is also essential if you expect to be doing a lot of video conferencing. This will allow you to fully appreciate the benefits of VoIP systems.

4. More flexibility for small businesses with the right VoIP systems

Included in the list of the benefits of VoIP systems is flexibility. Unlike your traditional landline phones, there are no hardware installations required for VoIP systems, effectively freeing up desk space, which is great for offices with limited real estate. Instead, software, programs, or apps can be installed on computers or other mobile devices. You also won’t need to think about the costs attached to particular installations as well as other equipment that may be needed, including copper wires, PBX costs, and the like.

VoIP phone systems are also very useful for remote workers and field agents or the people in your team who travel frequently for business. An audio call can be switched to a video call for meetings and other work events to bridge the distance. Files can also be sent from one point to another, allowing for sales and business deals to be completed even when one party is not on-site or when someone is stuck in traffic.

One more of the Internet telephony benefits is the potential to upgrade the services allotted for your small business. As your business grows, so do your VoIP system’s needs. Business owners, leaders, and managers have the option to add or remove features as the demands change with the seasons, whether it’s the peak or lean season. This goes as well for when your business is opening another branch in another location.


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5. Increased collaboration and productivity for onsite and remote staff alike

Teamwork makes the dream work, but it won’t work well enough without the powerful benefits of VoIP systems for their particular use. To make collaboration flow seamlessly from one team member to another – and whether they’re onsite or working remotely – you need a VoIP solution that is as strong as a horse. It should facilitate effortless file sharing, including multimedia files and large datasets, without any disruptions. Additionally, they should support seamless voice and video calls across all devices and platforms, ensuring no delays or issues.

The same goes for productivity. With a hardy internet connection and solidly built cloud-based telephony, you won’t need to be constantly checking on your team. They’ll more than manage to complete their tasks, projects, and assignments without any setbacks and you will be able to monitor their progress remotely even in real-time. You can then opt to coach them on their performance or encourage those who may be lagging behind using your VoIP systems.

Much like how you expect everyone in your team to work smoothly together, so should your internet service provider and small business VoIP. The benefits of VoIP systems will make your team such a force to reckon with, and your clients and customers will be more than happy with your company’s performance, improving the reputation of your brand.

6. Portability and accessibility for outstanding efficiency

If it hasn’t been stressed enough in this article, the portability of VoIP for SMEs is one of the biggest advantages for your business. With a portable phone number, you can be sure clients, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders will not have any problems getting in touch with you whenever they need you. You can do away with the hassle of having to find a telephone wherever you are. You can take your virtual phone number with you when you’re traveling, so the work doesn’t have to stop.

In recent years, we have seen an influx of an increasingly mobile workforce. Accessibility, being one of the benefits of VoIP systems, not only allows you or anyone in your company to make calls from anywhere at any time but also forward calls to another teammate or retrieve your voicemails so you can get back to the other person in no time at all. Mobile employees, field staff, and remote workers can remain productive with their smartphones or tablets, ensuring work is completed whenever necessary.

7. Significantly happier and more satisfied clients and customers

Small businesses looking to make a significant dent in the market and build a loyal client and customer base need to prioritize acquiring solidly built VoIP systems. You naturally want to take extraordinary care of your client and customer pool, no matter how small it may be during the process of establishing your business. The best way to do that is to break the fourth wall, so to speak, and make yourself ready at all times to listen to their feedback, comments, and suggestions while also attending to their concerns, questions, and needs.

Elevated satisfaction relating to service is another one of the benefits of VoIP systems. Shorter response rate, lower number of touchpoints, and increased level of care provided to both customers and clients. You will then see your brand reputation get better. Soon, your company name will be the buzz around town, and everyone will be clamoring to do business with you or avail of your products and/or services. All these are just from being able to make your clients and customers feel satisfied with what you can offer them.

8. Unlimited integrations and flawless multitasking

Beefy VoIP systems for small businesses can pack a punch powerful enough to catapult your brand to greatness. You can communicate, sell, and assist better. Get one that houses all of your contact channels and social media platforms, acting as a central hub for all things related to sales, marketing, and keeping in touch with clients and customers. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber, just to name a few, are key contact points if you want to leverage social media to increase revenue and drive your business.

Social media integration is not the only important one of VoIP advantages. You can also link your contact center to your CRM, enabling your team to directly feed leads along with client and customer information from your interactions, making your sales efforts more fruitful. Not only will you be driving sales, but you can also possibly increase the level of customer satisfaction by making the conversion time from shopping to sale quicker.

Lastly, the power to add widgets and plugins to your homepage to provide instant support and customer service to both potential and existing clients is also one of the benefits of VoIP systems. Turn it up a notch by giving your website visitors the liberty to assist themselves and hunt for the answers to their questions and concerns on their own by building a self-service menu for them. Troubleshooting trees, help articles, and knowledge bases are some of the ways you can galvanize your patrons to help themselves, especially when you do not have support staff on hand 24/7.

Unlock endless potential for growth and progress with VoIP systems for your small business

Itching to sign up with a reputable service provider and push forward with a small business VoIP? Get one that will grow with your business and afford you a bottomless treasure trove of functions, upgrades, and features. You will get to enjoy all the benefits listed in this article and so much more.

Thankfully, the search is over. Infinite possibilities and the numerous benefits of VoIP systems await your small business with Bitrix24. Unlock enhancements in every way, growth, and a surge in revenue when you sign up with Bitrix24 today. Register now!


What makes VoIP a game changer for small businesses?

VoIP systems can change the game for small businesses by providing:

  • Cost-effective and secure communication

  • Great call quality

  • Flexibility

  • Increased collaboration and productivity

  • Portability and accessibility

  • Happier clients and customers

  • The ability to integrate and multitask

How do VoIP systems enhance communication within a business?

VoIP systems enhance communications by providing businesses with the capacity to keep in touch with clients and customers using multiple channels along with a variety of other purposes, such as call recording, file transfers, cloud storage, and more.

Is it difficult to implement and manage a VoIP system in a small business?

With advancements in technology, many VoIP systems are user-friendly and easy to implement and manage. If small businesses encounter bumps while setting up the system, the long-term benefits will far outweigh them.

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VoIP systems as technological solutions for your small business 1. Getting & keeping in touch with customers and clients does not break the bank 2. You can rest assured each interaction is always safe and secure 3. Highly-improved call quality with IP telephony for business 4. More flexibility for small businesses with the right VoIP systems 5. Increased collaboration and productivity for onsite and remote staff alike 6. Portability and accessibility for outstanding efficiency 7. Significantly happier and more satisfied clients and customers 8. Unlimited integrations and flawless multitasking Unlock endless potential for growth and progress with VoIP systems for your small business FAQs
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