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Although Bitrix24 and Thryv have proven to be versatile and flexible applications, there is a great deal of difference between these two solutions.

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Using Bitrix24 as a Free Thryv Alternative

First, Thryv is a go-to option for small businesses of up to 10 employees, while Bitrix24 is designed to address the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Second, users don't always need a range of CRM or task management functions all included in one single system to get things running smoothly. Therefore, Bitrix24 allows users to choose a tier depending on what they want to focus on more - CRM, projects, or both.

Thryv, on the contrary, does pretty much the same what other service providers tend to do, which is providing a bit of everything here and there. That can result in your not being able to take full advantage of CRM- or project-oriented features unless you upgrade to a more expensive tier with a bunch of nonessential tools.

Third, Bitrix24 offers a free plan, heavily armed with a wide selection of tools that you will have to pay for if you choose other platforms. Thryv, in its turn, doesn't even officially disclose any information regarding their pricing policy, which forces users into unnecessary commitments.

Based on all this, it becomes clear that Bitrix24 is a lot more reliable and workable alternative than its competitor.

Thryv Overview

With so many things happening every day, it can be challenging for business owners to keep everything running like clockwork. So, it makes sense to invest in business management software. Thryv is designed to offer small businesses a range of functions they need to grow by the day and keep everything under control.

Thryv combines a selection of features to take care of your business. You can rely on the following functionalities.

  • As far as CRM is concerned, there isn't anything exciting to play with, as the software renders a pretty standard range of tools from lead nurturing to marketing management and sales.

  • Speaking of Thryv's sales and payments, users get to enjoy a variety of features making it easy to manage and track payment processes. Thryv enables users to handle overdue payments as well with the help of automatic follow-ups and reminders.

  • Thryv also works great as an online calendar, allowing you to manage your and your team's schedules, book appointments and organize events all in a single and highly responsive system.

  • Thryv lets nothing slip through the cracks, especially when it comes to your communication with clients. Thryv enables users to respond instantly to incoming messages from customers and prospects and deliver personalized communication experiences.

Another interesting feature offered by Thryv is that you, as a business owner, can check out all the interactions going between your employees and clients to get a clear picture of everyone's performance.

Finally, you can always keep an eye on your company's performance and how it ranks against other competitors in the field. Thus, Thryv's users get instant notifications about the latest customers' reviews, which allows them to understand whether their services live up to clients' expectations.




Data Dashboard

Free AI Assistant

Attendance Management

Automatic Backup

Auto Dialer

Automatic Call Distributor

Automated Replies for Messages

Billing and Invoicing


Call and SMS Analytics

Call Tracking


Client Profile

Custom Workflows


Document Management

Employee Portal

Gantt Charts

Goal Setting and Tracking

Email Integration

Social Media Integrations

Kanban View

Lead Management

Meeting Management

Online Storage


Project Management

Public/Private Workgroups

Quote Management

Automated Reminders

Product Catalog

Reporting and Statistics

SMS Automation

Task Planning

Task Scheduling

Task Progress Tracking

Video Conferencing

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Thryv Pros

  • Allows business owners to monitor their company's reputation on the market by getting updates on what customers are saying.
  • Detailed insights into how marketing campaigns perform.
  • Schedule personalized announcements and campaigns.

Thryv Cons

  • Unclear pricing policy.
  • Only suitable for small organizations.
  • Few integrations.
  • Lots of irrelevant features.

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Powerful CRM and task management tools
  • Users can create product catalogs inside their CRM and share them with clients and prospects.
  • Allows users to create detailed customer profiles with contact information and all the relevant records.
  • Chats inside CRM allow for quick communication and timely issue resolution.
  • Integrations with external apps.

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