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Using Bitrix24 as free Nimble CRM alternative

Nimble CRM is a cloud based social CRM service founded by Jon Ferrara, one of the most famous people in the CRM community. Recent decision by LinkedIn to limit access to its network to all CRM vendors except Salesforce and MS Dynamics has somewhat diminished Nimble usefulness, but it remains one of the best social CRM solutions on the market, especially considering its low price of $15/user/mo. Nimble is, however, very light on advanced CRM features - project management, document management, quotes and invoices, telemarketing are either absent entirely or are available in limited capacity via integrations. If you are looking for a free Nimble alternative that has these features available at no charge, Bitrix24 makes a perfect choice.

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NimbleCRM Pros

  • Social CRM
  • Social listening
  • Low price
  • Great usability

NimbleCRM Cons

  • No advanced CRM
  • No sales automation
  • No customization
  • No source code

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Free for 12 users
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Source code access
  • Advanced CRM
  • Integrated telephony

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