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Bitrix24 offers powerful project and task management capabilities, along with an array of professional CRM features. That makes Bitrix24 way more flexible compared to Lotus Notes.

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Using Bitrix24 as a Free Lotus Notes Alternative

Lotus Notes has been around since the 90s and came to be widely used in organizations of all sizes. However, these days the platform has become too complex to use. There is also a range of limitations due to which many users choose to switch to other applications instead. It's worth mentioning that migration from Lotus Notes to other cloud-based applications can be costly.

Contrary to the Lotus Notes alternative, users of Bitrix24 never face these issues. The platform is available both as a cloud and on-premise solutions and offers an array of features to get the job done well regardless of the industry you are in.

Lotus Notes Overview

At its most basic level, Lotus Notes is essentially a desktop application used to store, access, and manipulate information. Lotus Notes is also commonly viewed as a powerful database environment that comprises a wide selection of databases.

Speaking of its functionality, Lotus Notes includes the following components.

  • email client

  • document repository

  • calendar and scheduling

  • programming modules

  • database

Contrary to many other platforms designed to deliver only some of these features, Lotus Notes brings them all to the table using a single front-end.

Email systems have a universal use as reliable communication tools in corporate environments. Therefore, an inbuilt email client is one of the most recognizable components that Lotus Notes has developed. However, there is so much more to Lotus Notes than just a single email application. Thus, Lotus Notes allows for the creation and management of documents and makes it possible for users to build comprehensive electronic workflows.

Besides, users can create multiple databases and share them with each other. Databases themselves are highly customizable and allow individual users to present information associated with them in a visually appealing manner. On top of that, the programming layer makes it possible for the Lotus Notes clients to automate various actions without having to install separate applications or extensions.As was mentioned previously, Lotus Notes is a desktop application. However, if users, for some reason, do not want to access data from their personal computers, they can switch to the web version as well.

Lotus Notes has been around for nearly three decades. While some organizations can't deliver value without this application, others look for more robust and easy-to-use software to achieve their business objectives. And that's when Bitrix24 comes into play. In terms of what to expect from Bitrix24 and the Lotus Notes alternative, here is the list of features available in both solutions.


Lotus Notes


Application programming interface

Free AI Assistant

Data dashboard

Attendance management

Automatic backup

Auto dialer

Automatic call distributor

Automated replies for messages

Billing and invoicing


Call and SMS analytics

Call tracking

Call rating


Client profile

Custom workflows


Desktop app

Document management

Discount templates

Employee portal

Goal setting and tracking

Email integration

Social media integration

Interactive voice response

Kanban view

Online storage

Online store


Project management

Public and private workgroups

Quote management

Automated reminders

Product catalog

Reporting and statistics

SMS automation

Video conferencing

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Lotus Notes Pros

  • Data security
  • Great email client
  • Create and manage databases
  • Easy task scheduling

Lotus Notes Cons

  • Desktop version requires large amount of RAM.
  • Data synchronization
  • App integrations
  • Old user interface

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Cloud and on-premise solution
  • App integration
  • Task checklists
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Free plan

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