CRM with sales and marketing automation

Sales tunnels

  • Automated sales funnels
  • Multiple sales funnels
  • Automation between sales funnels
  • Repeat sales automation
  • Upsells, downsells, cross-sells

CRM triggers

  • Incoming email, email open, link click
  • Incoming call
  • Incoming message
  • Web form submission
  • Webhook and app triggers
  • More triggers

CRM automation rules

  • Send email, SMS, notification or instant message
  • Change status for lead or deal
  • Reassign responsible
  • Target on Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • Create task
  • Add to calendar schedule
  • More rules

CRM campaign management

  • Client segmentation (static and dynamic segments)
  • Bulk mail, SMS, IM, telemarketing campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google
  • Campaign templates
  • Repeat sales campaigns
  • Campaign statistics

Popular CRM automation uses

  • Autoresponders
  • Email sequences
  • SMS and email appointment reminders
  • Automatic lead and deal distribution
  • Automatic lead qualification
  • Robocalling (voice broadcasting)
  • More uses
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