Bitrix24 for Sales

Partner relationship management in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 offers a number of tools for effective partner relationship management. Because Bitrix24 comes with a private social network and intranet CMS, it can be used as partner portal where your partners or dealers participate in discussions, provide real time feedback, and suggest new ideas.

Partner Management

The CRM in Bitrix24 is used to manage partners’ sales activity, automatically distribute leads among partners, issue invoices, track financial results for each partner, identify growth and profit centers for different markets as well as analyze sales data that come through the partner channels.


Partner Training

Bitrix24 eLearning module lets you provide partner training, test your partners on how well they know your products or services, and develop certification programs, if necessary.


Partner Support

The Helpdesk and ticketing system in Bitrix24 creates a transparent and efficient method for service requests by your partners and/or clients. It comes with all standard helpdesk features, including ticket priority levels, a list of most common responses, service level agreements (SLA), automated ticket assignment by category, as well as an option to form workgroups with tech support clients for better communications and resolving of complex problems, among other things.


Collaboration Tools

Shared calendars, project management, document management, video calls and other collaboration tools that Bitrix24 comes with are handy when coordinating marketing campaigns, conference and trade show participation or product launches with your partners. Outside users, such as consultants, vendors, freelancers or clients can be given limited partner portal access via the extranet, which supports the video and chat services.


Mobile Partner Portal

The Bitrix24 mobile app provides access to the partner portal and the tools it comes with to owners of Android and iOS based devices who are traveling and don’t have access to their work PCs.