Bitrix24 for Sales

Free mobile CRM in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Mobile CRM

Bitrix24 comes with a free, fully-functional mobile CRM that works on any Android or iOS device. With it, you can access all existing CRM data, view CRM activities, add or edit leads, contacts or deals, as well as create and send invoices, e-mails or make phone calls.


Mobile Intranet

Additionally, the free mobile CRM in Bitrix24 doubles as your mobile intranet portal, providing access to your employee directory, activity stream, workgroups, chat, and calendar. Existing tasks can be viewed and new ones can be created directly from the mobile app. Personal and shared files stored in Bitrix24 account are accessible from the mobile app as well.

The app also contains enterprise messaging capabilities, allowing you to send instant messages to co-workers, participate in group chat, leave comments, create new topics, and upload pictures and files. If needed, you can synchronize contact information in your Bitrix24 account with the telephone book in your device. Importantly, the Bitrix24 mobile app uses data caching and works with poor or no internet connection.


Call Anywhere

Bitrix24 comes with integrated telephony via Zingaya and can be used as call center CRM, meaning you can make phone calls directly from Bitrix24. All phone calls are logged in CRM activity stream and can be recorded, if necessary. You can also use Skype, Lync and other IP telephony solutions for making calls from Bitrix24.