Bitrix24 for Sales

Free Customizable CRM in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with a free, fully-functional CRM that can be used in the cloud or installed on your server as well as customized and integrated with other tools such as your e-commerce website. The self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 come with API and source code, while a REST API is available for the cloud version.

CRM Activity Stream

Bitrix24's CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events such as phone calls, messages, emails and meetings connected with a contact or company are easily (or even automatically) logged and displayed in the appropriate record.

Further interaction can be planned by using integrated tasks or workflow.


Customizable Access Rights

Flexible permission settings allow administrators to create different employee roles with specific access rights, automatically assign leads, and determine how much data is visible or hidden from various CRM users.



New leads can be entered into the CRM manually, imported from CSV file (spreadsheet to CRM) or created from external sources, like web forms or incoming e-mails. Custom fields can be added, as necessary.


Customizable CRM Reports

The Bitrix24 CRM offers full sales cycle management, including an option to create custom sales stages unique to your company. Built-in analytics tools, such as the sales funnel, let you track and improve conversion rates for each sales stage, and give an immediate account of all transactions in progress and their respective stages, so that you can make accurate sales projections for the near future.

There are also tools that perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as desired, analyze effectiveness of your campaigns, evaluate different lead sources and create custom reports.



Invoices and quotes can be created directly from Bitrix24, and multiple invoice customization options such as adding your company logo or comments are available even in the free edition of CRM.

Taxes, whether local sales taxes or value added taxes, are supported by Bitrix24 CRM. You can also work with multiple currencies and in different languages, such as Russian, German, Spanish or Portuguese


More Features

Other advantages of Bitrix24 include the free Mobile CRM, total email management, integrated workflow management, CRM Activity Stream and training tools for your sales team.