Bitrix24 for Sales

Email Management in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with total email management in its CRM.

Email Marketing in CRM

The Send&Save technology utilized in Bitrix24 supports sending bulk emails, individual emails, and attachments with pre-made templates, if necessary. When set up, all email correspondence is saved as an activity in the given CRM element, whether it is a lead, company, or contact.

The Bitrix24 CRM can also be set up to receive incoming emails. While this feature is usually used for communicating with existing clients and keeping a record of previous conversations, the email-to-lead option lets you automatically create a new lead when an email is sent to a specified CRM inbox from an address that is not identified as belonging to an existing record. In this instance, a new lead will be created with the name "Lead from..."


MailChimp Integration

Advanced users can set their own rules concerning the proper formulation of service codes by using the "Filter incoming messages by subject..." option. Integrations with popular email marketing services, such as MailChimp, are available through Bitrix24 marketplace.


Email Connectors

An email connector is available outside the CRM and work with all popular online email services, such as MS Exchange, GMail, Yahoo!Mail, iCloud or Outlook as well as any email service that supports IMAP. This connector allows employees to see how many messages are currently in their inboxes and then to access their email via a link in Bitrix24.



In addition to that, the self-hosted version Bitrix24 can be configured so that your employees can use email messages to post directly to the activity stream and participate in workgroup discussions via email. Email messages from customers can trigger automatic ticket creation in Bitrix24 HelpDesk.