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Calendars in Bitrix24

Calendars in Bitrix24 come in all sizes and shapes – company and department calendars, team (workgroup) calendars or individual employee calendars. Importantly, calendars can be shared so that on any given calendar page you can see the schedules of coworkers, the company event calendar, or any group calendars. In addition to that, a built-in event scheduler provides quick and convenient scheduling of people and meeting rooms and manages invitations and further notifications.

Event Scheduler

Events in Bitrix24 employee calendars can be either public or private, providing flexibility when it comes to permissions and visibility settings.

For example, when an important merger or acquisition meeting is scheduled, calendars of the executives involved will display that they are unavailable during the meeting time without divulging any sensitive information about the nature of the meeting to any employee without proper access level.

In addition, it is possible to create entirely private events that neither supervisors nor subordinates can view.


Invitations and Reminders

As mentioned, for group and individual events Bitrix24 automatically sends notification to all parties involved. For instance, when a group meeting is scheduled, each invited participant receives a notification, asking to confirm or decline attendance. The event gets automatically scheduled in a team/department calendar, as well as the personal employee calendars for each person who confirms participation.

Repeating events (weekly meetings or daily gym exercise, for instance) can also be scheduled with special alerts sent to remind of the planned activity.


Favorite Calendars

Another handy feature is calendar subscription option (called Favorite calendars), allowing display of any group or personal calendar to be shown on a user’s profile calendar. This option is especially handy for executive assistants, office managers and secretaries, who have to keep track of meetings and appointments of others and who often assist with scheduling.


More Features

Also, Bitrix24 calendars are integrated and automatically sync with Bitrix24 employee leave management system.

Custom holidays and days off are yet another advantage of Bitrix24 calendars that handles the sensitive issue of religious holidays and as well as assists your sales team to keep track of holidays for each (foreign) territory they are in charge of. It also comes in handy if your company has multiple branches in different countries.

Another sales force friendly feature of Bitrix24 calendars is that all task and CRM activities automatically appear in employee calendars, so there is no need to manually schedule a client or prospect meeting in a calendar, if it’s already been done in Bitrix24 CRM.


Bitrix24 also supports synchronization and integration with external calendars, including ones from mobile devices. Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar, iCal, and CalDAV integration make Bitrix24 Calendars a perfect solution for companies or teams where each employee or team member uses their own calendar and there is no easy way to share these. Bitrix24 Calendars work on any iOS/Android phone or tablet and with all mobile calendar apps that support iCal or CalDAV format.

In addition, Bitrix24 Calendar can be used to schedule virtual meetings, webinars and conference calls. WebRTC based video chat is automatically available at no additional charge to any Bitrix24 user, doesn’t require installation and works on any personal computers equipped with a webcam.