On-Premise Edition Upgrades

If you require installation or customization services, please feel free to purchase Bitrix24 from your local Bitrix24 Partner

Edition Upgrade
Business 50 to Business 100 Upgrade
2,400 €
Business 50 to Business 250 Upgrade
7,400 €
Business 50 to Business 500 Upgrade
14,400 €
Business 50 to Enterprise 1000 Upgrade
21,400 €
Business 100 to Business 250 Upgrade
5,000 €
Business 100 to Business 500 Upgrade
12,000 €
Business 100 to Enterprise 1000 Upgrade
19,000 €
Business 250 to Business 500 Upgrade
7,000 €
Business 250 to Enterprise 1000 Upgrade
14,000 €
Business 500 to Enterprise 1000 Upgrade
7,000 €

Need more than 1000 users?
Add more users to your Enterprise 1000 edition

Bitrix24 Enterprise 1000. Additional 1000 User Pack
6,990 €

Important notice!

  • To upgrade to a new On-premise edition, you need to purchase the corresponding edition upgrade option.
  • The cost of upgrading to a new edition is equal to the difference between your current and new On-premise edition prices.
  • When purchasing an upgrade, your license subscription period will not change.
  • Upgrades are only available if your current On-premise license subscription is active (not expired).
  • If your current On-premise license subscription is expired, you must renew the license key first in order to be able to upgrade it to a higher edition.
  • If you have a Standard or Limited On-premise license type, when purchasing a renewal, your license type will be changed to a Subscription license. Before you can do this, you must accept the terms of the End User License Agreement, which can be done during the product installation, product update, or when purchasing the license.
Read full terms of transition between Bitrix24 On-premise licenses.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with your local Bitrix24 Partner or the Bitrix24 Sales Department at