Definition of 360-degree view in CRM


Meaning of the term 360-degree view in CRM software

The term 360 degree view of the customer designates all available and significant information about the customer collected by a company in order to provide the most personalized and efficient customer service. The concept is widely used by companies implementing customer centric approach to their business.

The importance of 360-degree view of the customer cannot be overstated. It improves the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts, predicts the potential demand, helps salespeople to up-sell and cross sell more. Finally, 360-degree view enables companies to provide the best customer experience, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Techniques to get 360-degree view of the customer

To aggregate enough data to have complete information about the customer companies use social media listening (data coming from Facebook, Twitter, etc.), track all the touch points between the company and customers (e.g. calls, emails, sales and support tickets) and use predictive analytics (application of past and current data to forecast future behavior of customers). A proper CRM software has all the above-mentioned tools and collects this data automatically.

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