The Top 10 Best HR Analytics Software

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January 31, 2022
Last updated: March 11, 2024
The Top 10 Best HR Analytics Software
It has perhaps been long forgotten what HR really stands for. Some might say HR has become a mere tool for hiring people and getting the wrong ones out but HR or Human Resources is more than that. For a company to really succeed in every way it needs to hire the best people possible using reliable analytics.

HR analytics software is needed so a company can make the most logical and sensible hiring decisions to make sure their teams are productive and efficient and the business is kept profitable at the same time. That’s where the “human” aspect of Human Resources meets with analytics. Great employers have a group of thriving and successful professionals behind them that are always giving their 110% to the job in hand. That’s because they use scientific data to manage the workforce. 

1. intelliHR

Employee management is beneficial not only when it comes to driving your team to top performance. Done right, you can encourage employees and motivate them, inspire them to perform better when you reward them with the appropriate benefits and incentives. intelliHR has a vast array of tools, reports, and dashboards so you can get your team to the top, making it one of the best HR analytics software.

Make your business strategy and financial planning more foolproof by using intelliHR’s graphs and reports. You can also ensure that your coaching sessions are more effective using important insights generated when you use intelliHR. You can generate these reports and look at data presented in a simple dashboard that’s easy to understand in real-time so you can be reactive.

2. PayReview

Nothing quite motivates employees better than compensation and benefits. To be fair, the pay package is one of the top considerations of any applicant prior to signing a contract. PayReview specializes in helping companies devise such offers to entice applicants who are deserving of the pay packages to join their workforce.

You can feed your SLAs and KPIs as well as achievements and milestones into PayReview so you can include them in your payroll computations on a monthly basis. You can look at trends and study performance patterns so you can forecast how many incentives you would need to payout.

3. Tableau

Being able to visualize the trajectory your company is on can help you come up with strategies and plans to get you there faster. Tableau helps you with all of that. With Tableau, you can run analytics quickly and get results fast. You won’t need any coding or programming to interpret the data that you have in front of you.

Tableau is so easy to navigate that managers themselves can simply drag and drop components into the report builder before running the program to generate the data needed. Tableau is best known for being a visual HR data analytics software with its graphs and charts that make figures and other information pertaining to employee performance very easy to understand and interpret.

4. BambooHR

BambooHR is a human resource management software that aims to put the Heart in HR. BambooHR’s focus is on enriching employee relations from hiring to onboarding and so on, to create a loyal, hardworking, and efficient workforce for the company.

BambooHR helps you do all these by giving you all the insights into your employees and candidates alike. With BambooHR, you can have access to a mobile hiring app, which can come in handy especially when you have a staffing need to fill in a hurry. They also have Onboarding and Offboarding tools that you can use to make transitions a little smoother. Among its other uses include time tracking and payroll.

5. Rippling

Rippling is built to marry the functions of IT and HR to make one highly functional and reliable HR analytics software. Using Rippling, you can manage payroll, benefits, time tracking, and attendance – everything that you need to accomplish on a regular basis to make sure your teams are all compensated properly.

On top of all of these, you can also use Rippling in talent management – scouting new bright people to join your team, developing them, and helping them ingratiate themselves into the team. Rippling can also be used to ensure the safety and utmost protection of your employees’ devices as well as study risks and manage them before they actually hurt your company.

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6. ActivTrak

If remote work is something that your employees do on a regular basis and you have your team scattered across different places and timezones but want to keep a good eye on all of them, ActivTrak just might be the best HR analytics software for you to use. ActivTrak lets you actively monitor everyone’s productivity with comprehensive reports that give you a clear view of your top performers, team efficiency percentages, and performance trends.

From there, you can use the ActivTrak you’ve generated to not only compensate your team but also coach them, manage remote workers, optimize efficiency by removing unnecessary steps in a workflow, enhance collaboration and minimize, if not eliminate, burnout risks. With ActivTrak, you also have visibility into which team members, apps, and tools do not meet your security and privacy requirements.

7. WebHR

Keep your company, teams, and employees safe and well-taken care of with WebHR. From time worked and attendance tracking to salary and compensation as well as benefits and incentives and also background checks and onboarding, you have all the tools you can possibly need to ensure you’re hiring the absolute best people to join your business.

With WebHR, you can track employee performance, roll out appraisals and coach your team on their evaluations, which you can also use as a basis for your incentives packages. From headhunting to setting goals, monitoring performance, and, finally, compensation and benefits, WebHR is the HR data analytics software to use.

8. Sisense

Sisense is a Human Resources management software that uses augmented analytics to bring you comprehensive data so you can clearly see the employee lifecycle. This way, you can also use the data to enrich each lifecycle, improve performance, train, develop and retain the kind of people that you want to keep in your company.

Sisense helps employers transform each employee’s experience through the use of analytics. With better insights into what makes your team move and groove, you can create better compensation and benefits packs to give out. Look into employee dissatisfaction and neutralize threats before they get bigger and be on top of costs and ROI in the most extensive way.

9. OnBlick

If compliance and immigration are your primary focus and priorities, sign up to OnBlick today. They combine information from regulatory bodies and government agencies to provide companies and HR managers with the best possible advice pertaining to compliance and immigration.

With OnBlick, you can be sure to attract the best people that fit your requirements and pass your territory’s immigration and other government-mandated or legal prerequisites. You can also use OnBlick in your onboarding, managing employees’ performances and improving wage levels within your company.

10. Bitrix24

Primarily a collaboration software, you’ll be surprised to know that Bitrix24 actually has a comprehensive set of Human Resources tools and solutions, making it one of the HR analytics software you can get your hands on. Bitrix24 gives you access to a multitude of HR forms and keeps all of your records safe whether you prefer cloud or on-premise deployment.

More importantly, Bitrix24 offers only the best and latest tools for people and data analytics to give you sound advice on how to create your compensation and benefits offers. Bitrix24 also has a highly-reliable time tracking tool that’s also ideal for remote work and it is helpful in ensuring accurate payroll each and every time. Keep a close eye on staff changes, employee performance, and KPIs along with milestones and achievements. This way, you can see to it that every gain is celebrated. Bitrix24 also happens to be free!

Top tip!

Whatever your primary goal and focus may be as a company, you can be sure you’ll find the HR analytics software that ticks all the boxes in your list of requirements. All it takes is a little research before settling on the best fit for your needs and budget.

Now more than ever, hiring the best people is more manageable, possible. Matching talents and skills with the appropriate compensation and benefits package is also highly attainable, along with employee retention and development. The best HR analytics software that you’re looking for is somewhere on this list. All you need to do is to determine which one fits your needs.
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