The 11 Best Resource Management Software & Tools in 2022

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October 29, 2021
Last updated: March 11, 2024
The 11 Best Resource Management Software & Tools in 2022

The amount of resources needed to implement a task or project is oftentimes limited. So using them wisely is imperative for any business. Inefficient resource management might lead to poor allocation and waste of over 10% of your company's resources. Having a clear understanding of how to properly optimize your assets helps increase the overall productivity of your business. This is where resource management software may come in handy.

What is Resource Management Software?

Resource management focuses on optimization and effectiveness. It includes planning, tracking, and optimizing the use of various types of resources, which helps successfully complete a certain project. Resource management software enables you to simplify these processes. It analyzes demand and capacity and provides predictive scenarios. It allows you to effectively allocate resources to your projects and streamline your work processes.

What are the Benefits of Using Resource Management Software?

Implementing resource management tools can provide you with these advantages:

  1. Full visibility. Using this software lets you track each employee's workload and availability. You can see who is ready to take on more tasks and who is overloaded with work. This visibility helps balance workloads efficiently and prioritize project tasks in a way that streamlines your team's schedule.
  2. Resource planning. With this tool, you can evaluate your resource demand before your project starts. It helps define the scope of your project, unexpected costs, and possible risks. Good planning allows you to avoid such roadblocks as resource gaps.
  3. Resource availability tracking. Resource management software helps control resource availability and track progress during your project implementation. If you see that some task is taking longer than required, you may take appropriate measures to quickly fix it.
  4. Improved performance. Efficient resource balancing significantly reduces the risks of missed deadlines.

When it comes to choosing the right resource management software, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are 11 tools your team may find helpful:


It is an efficient project and resource management software solution for companies of any size. The platform allows you to manage your employee's workload in real time. Its planning tools help balance the allocation of tasks based on your team's capacity. It ensures that no one is overloaded with work. Also, you can estimate how much time is required to complete a task and then compare it to the actual time spent on it. Compile monthly reports to track each employee's performance.

Advanced visualization tools provide an overview of your work processes, so you understand your current priorities and can reorganize your resources when needed.

Using Bitrix24 as a resource management software solution also enables you to automate recurring tasks, including hiring and onboarding new employees, starting new projects, and more.

The platform offers multiple collaboration and communication instruments to ensure everyone is informed about important updates.



· Free for unlimited users (cloud-based)

· Some features are not available for cloud-based users

· Multiple collaboration tools

· Limited customer support for free and basic plans

· API and various external integrations


· Workflow automation


Pricing: Free/cloud-based/unlimited users, paid cloud-based plans start at $49/5 users/month, on-premise plans start at $2,990/50 users/one-time fee, and a 30-day free trial.

It is a simple tool that enables you to manage all your resources efficiently and avoid rework. Receiving up-to-date information on current capacity allows you to make better decisions on how to distribute your resources. Its user interface is very straighforward, which means that anyone can quickly learn how it works. Workflow customization helps plan and track basic and complex projects. You can control your baselines, dependencies, and milestones during each stage of the project lifecycle. Clear and intuitive dashboards allow you to view the status of your projects at a glance. The platform syncs with over 40 external applications. 



· The user interface is very simple, not much training is required

· Requires manual resource forecasting

· Good customer support

· Mobile version glitches

· New features are added regularly


Pricing: Free/2users, paid plans start at $8/user/month, and provides a 7-day free trial.


It is a top-performing project and resource management tool that helps maximize your team's efficiency. With this software, you can get a full overview of your resources' capacity and make adjustments if needed. Effective planning lets you avoid bottlenecks in your work processes and complete your projects faster. Getting valuable insights on how your team member's available time is spent allows you to maximize resource efficiency.

Forecast's AI-powered tools simplify the process of time registering and tracks non-billable hours to reduce or eliminate financial risks. The AI learns from your previously performed tasks and suggests the number of hours you usually take on similar tasks. Receiving an overview of time registrations allows you to get a clear picture of where your employee's time is going. You can send them notifications if there are entries missing from their timesheets.

The entire resource allocation process can be easily automated. The search capabilities allow you to find the right person for a certain task that is not yet assigned.

Forecast offers advanced reporting features that let you create customizable reports with essential metrics, evaluate performance, track your budget, and more. The platform syncs with such popular systems as GitHub, GitLab, Google Drive, MS Excel, Xero, Quickbooks, Jira, Okta, and many others.



· Automation features

· The interface can be tricky to navigate

· Advanced tracking and reporting

· A steeper learning curve compared to other tools

· Multiple integrations


· Responsive customer support


Pricing: Starts at €27/user/month/10 users minimum, and a free trial.


This robust resource management software is created to improve resource utilization and protect your business from market volatility. Its main capabilities include resource forecasting, planning, and optimization, intelligence reporting, and synchronization with external systems. Saviom allows you to predict future demand and identify resource shortfalls or excesses. Using real-time configurable analytics also helps forecast project vacancies, employee availability, over and underutilization, and more.

Saviom's business intelligence features provide you with an opportunity to create customizable portals, dashboards, and reports. A combination of security rights and filters make it easy to control data visibility. The software is best suited for large and mid-sized companies. It integrates with SAP, Mindkey, Xero, Workflow Max, Salesforce, and others.



· Ease of data capture

· The user interface is not very intuitive, and shows a lot of information at the same time

· Extensive customization capabilities

· Might be expensive for teams over 50 employees

· Advanced filtering


· Responsive client support



The platform provides a price quote upon request and offers a free trial.


It is a powerful resource management tool that is mainly suitable for large enterprises and mid-sized businesses that juggle multiple projects. It helps optimize project scheduling, balance workloads, and increase on-time delivery.

The system's intuitive design and strong reporting capabilities let you monitor your team's performance daily. Receiving advanced and configurable reports on your team members and projects allows you to allocate the right resources to the right projects. Also, you can get a full view of individual workloads and use customized workflows to track the progress of each task and see how much time it may take to complete it. Gantt charts are intended to avoid missed deadlines and encourage employees to work in collaboration with each other.

High-level security is one of the company's main priorities. Its information backup system provides near real-time database replication to guarantee your data is both backed up and available on geographically scattered servers. Also, the company applies firewall and intrusion detection technologies, alerts, and log aggregation tools to detect network attacks.

The platform integrates with Tenovo, GitHub, SAML, Okta, Outlook, MediaValet, Tableau, and others.



· An extensive range of features

· Might be challenging to set up

· Customization options

· A steep learning curve

· Performance tracking

· Customer support could use improvement

· Top-notch security


Pricing: Free/user, commercial plans start at $9.80/user/month, and a free trial.


This resource management software is a good solution for teams of any size. Its key functions include resource scheduling, project planning, and capacity management. Simple-to-use tools allow you to create tasks and make adjustments in no time. The project planning feature makes it easy to add project phases, define milestones, connect tasks to group dependencies, and quickly shift timelines. Applying capacity management lets you set custom work hours, schedule time off, import public holidays, and integrate your calendars with the system.

Forecasting and reports provide you with an opportunity to forecast your resource capacity and efficiently plan your project work. Your employees can use timesheets to track how much they spent on a particular task.

Float integrates with Okta, OneLogin, Zapier, Workflow Max, Jira, several calendar tools, and others. The company also offers a mobile solution for iOS and Android platforms, so you can keep track of schedule changes from wherever you are. 



· Custom work hours

· Limited reporting capabilities

· Time-tracking capabilities

· Small system glitches

· Easy and organized scheduling


· Efficient resource editing tools


Pricing: Starts at $6/user/month, and a 30-day free trial.


This flexible web-based resource management software is designed to help teams plan resources, projects, tools, and more. It is suitable for various industries and businesses of different sizes. The platform offers a high-level overview of all your resources, projects, and tasks. Create visual workflows and add new work using its drag-and-drop editor. Getting a full view of your resources and projects enables you to develop an efficient strategy for your team. With its online planner, you can find and fill resourcing gaps, avoid burnout, adjust capacity to match demand, and balance your schedules. You may customize the planner according to your unique organizational and scheduling needs.

Ganttic's custom data fields and grouping and filtering functions help find the right resource for your job. It can be people, machines, tools, facilities, and others.

The software is used by such companies as Intertek, Valmet, KPMG, Palfinger, Viewpoint, and many others.



· Free for 10 resources

· Limited integrations

· Customization features

· Minor system bugs

· Full visibility of all resources


· Ease of use and implementation


Pricing: Free/up to 10 resources, paid plans start at $25/20 resources/month, and a 14-day free trial.



This project portfolio management software includes effective resource management tools. It is best suited for large enterprises and companies that work on multiple projects. It enables you to create portfolios and assign the highest priority tasks to the right people, see the impact of changes on all resources and finances, and maximize your company's productivity. The system provides an accurate overview of your team member's skills, availability, and capacity, which allows you to efficiently allocate staff to your projects. You can also see when your employees are overbooked and prevent those over-allocations.

Dividing your projects by business goals shows how much your company is investing in each goal.

The platform integrates with Azure, MS Excel, Clarity PPM, ServiceNow, Tableau, Smartsheet, Power Bi, aXc Project, and more.



· An extensive range of features

· Can be expensive if you need to manage lots of resources

· Visualization of projects and capacity

· Might be difficult to implement for large teams with varied experience in such software

· Multiple integrations


· Customization capabilities



Meisterplan offers flexible pricing. The price depends on the number of resources you would like to manage using its software. You can request a customized quote.



This project and resource management tool is created for Google Workspace users. Its core features include resource availability and forecasting, capacity insights, task management, performance monitoring, quotes, CRM, and automated invoicing.

With this software, you can view each employee's time tracking, and billable and non-billable allocation. It helps eliminate overbookings and bench time. Intelligent resource suggestions allow you to assign tasks to the right people. Being able to view resource availability months in advance provides you with an opportunity to plan ahead and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Create holiday schedules and get a clear picture of all planned time for each resource, not only billable hours.

VOGSY integrates with Google Workspace, HubSpot, Copper, Salesforce, Intuit, and Quickbooks. The Vogsy resource management software can be a good solution for organizations using Google Workspace. With Drive and Docs, it is easy to create and manage customer data. Gmail ensures faster workflows and integrated task management, and the Sheets feature simplifies the process of reporting.



· Google Workspace integration

· Limited reporting features

· Ease of use, no redundant actions

· Task comments might get truncated

· Good customer support


Pricing: Free/1 user/month, commercial plans start at $9/user/month, and a free trial.


10,000ft by Smartsheet

It combines such capabilities as resource and project management, digital asset management, intelligent workflows, team collaboration, content management, and streamlined business apps. Its intuitive design makes it easy to find the best-suited people for your project, keep schedules and budgets on track, and forecasting. Dynamic resource planning allows you to plan ahead and identify potential risks before they turn into real issues. With this resource management software, you can create placeholders based on role or discipline to schedule project assignments, make budget estimates, and forecast your upcoming hiring needs. Using team member dashboards helps keep your employees informed and focused on their current work. They can also integrate their assignments with calendars and receive email notifications when plans change.

The platform integrates with such systems as Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more. 



· Good planning features

· The user interface might seem cumbersome, has glitches at times

· Supports custom fields

· Limited expense features

· Excellent customer support


· Not much training is required


Pricing: Starts at $14/month, a free trial.



It is a high-performing resource management software solution that combines resource and operations management, business intelligence, accounting, intuitive integration in a centralized environment. Its powerful planning capabilities let you respond to changes in supply and demand, receive optimized resource recommendations, and maximize utilization. With the Mavenlink's Team Builder, you can view all your resource pools, evaluate multiple plans at the same time, and understand how changes impact your performance and profit.

The Skills adjacency feature enables you to align skills with your project requirements, determine opportunities for growth, and get skill insights about each team member.

Using the platform's forecasting capabilities helps increase your readiness for possible future changes. You can plan for possibilities in your pipeline and define areas for ongoing improvement.

Mavenlink designed an integration system that makes it easy to combine the tools tailored to your company's requirements. You may connect to CRM, HCM, financials, and more. Some of the integrations include Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce, Jira, Quickbooks, Xero. This resource management software is perfectly suitable for large enterprises. 



· Great resource management

· A steeper learning curve compared to similar tools

· Multiple reporting features

· Advanced features are available only in more expensive plans

· Resourcing integrates with master planning

· No ability to see the budget in hours or dollars 


The platform provides customized pricing strategies. You can specify the needs of your company and request a quote. You may schedule a demo. 

The table below summarizes some of the information provided in this review.


Free plan





From $49/5 users/mo


From $8/user/month


Free trial

From €27/user/month


Free trial

Flexible pricing


Free/1 user

From $9.80/user/month


30-day trial

From $6/user/month


Free/10 resources

From $25month


Free trial

Flexible pricing


Free/1 user/month

From $9/user/month


Free trial

From $14/month


10-day trial

Flexible pricing


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