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15 Best Goal Tracking Apps

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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
15 Best Goal Tracking Apps

You have a lot of daily and weekly tasks and goals to do every time of the day and need to manage. Is it common for you? If you need to track and set all goals and get structured, you probably need to look for the tracking app and find the best for you.

Yeah, you can write down your goals on a paper list or notes, but it is really easy to forget about them. Your goals on the paper will now be remembered as at the goal tracking app. Furthermore, these apps have features like goal progress tracking. And it is useful to see your progress.

So how to find the best app exactly for you? There we described in detail how to set goals in tracking apps, the best 15 apps you can use with all features and pricing aspects. Let’s start!

So What is a Goal Tracking App?

9 out of 10 companies in the world do not achieve their business goals due to incorrect work with strategy. Problems arise at different levels: employees do not comply with work schedules and are distracted, the company does not have a clear planning system, processes for tracking project implementation are not automated, and so on.

Setting goals correctly is already half the battle, no matter what we are talking about, business, education, or even just everyday matters, like organizing a vacation or solving family problems. Oddly enough, not everyone can formulate goals and competently break down the path to achieving them into successive stages.

Fortunately, specialists have long turned their attention to this problem and have developed a considerable number of specialized programs and websites. Goal-tracking apps can be used by teams and individuals who can set goals and look at progress toward done tasks.

With them, you can get a structured way of tracking and visualizing your goal progress. There are features like a dashboard or progress bar. So it will be really useful for businesses or individual users to track everyday needs and goals in the right place. Habit tracking tools can send you reminders and notify you whenever your progress isn’t going according to schedule.

15 Best Goal-Tracking Apps in 2024

There you will learn about 15 services that will help companies, managers, and employees not only set the right goals but also effectively achieve them.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 allows you to customize your business goal tracking according to overall company objectives. It is quite simple, but at this time is also a useful method to define your targets as a number of closed deals or total revenue generated over a specific period. Bitrix24 offers the best goal-tracking software for unlimited free users.

With Bitrix24 you have the flexibility to customize your business goal software, according to your company objectives. A straightforward yet efficient approach is to set your targets in terms of deals or total revenue generated within a timeframe.

For instance, in a sales team, you can monitor sales and make adjustments to targets every month.

In addition to tracking working time, you can use the system as a scheduler — create and distribute tasks, see at what stage a particular process is at, and who is responsible for it. Visual reports, which can be easily generated in a couple of clicks, will give you a complete picture of employee performance, which will allow you to redistribute the workload on time and reward the best.

The best part is that you won't need to input any data. Bitrix24 goal-tracking software handles all the tasks for you and automatically updates you whenever sales are completed.

Basic Features:
  • Free 5 GB online storage for free
  • Unlimited users working groups and chats
  • Unlimited tasks and subtasks with time-tracking opportunity
  • Checklists and task sequences
  • Task Management tools for personal tasks and group tasks
  • Opportunity to set responsible persons and supervisors
  • Task templates and automatic recurring rules
  • Calendar scheduling for tasks and events
  • Task time tracking, Gantt chart, and Kanban

Free for small businesses.

Basic: $49/mo

Standard: $99/mo

Professional: $199/mo

Enterprise: $399/mo

Track your goals in Bitrix24!

We offer over 35+ tools for team collaboration, time and performance tracking, CRM and task management.

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2. Strides

Strides is a flexible goal-setting app that lets you track good and bad habits and SMART goals. The service interface is intuitive, and the program itself does not cause wariness or negative emotions among the team.


The employee launches it himself at the beginning of the working day and sees at what point the program took a screenshot of the desktop. At the same time, it is impossible to deceive the service — it is protected from hacking and forgery, which guarantees business managers an honest result.

A multifunctional system that will allow you to manage projects and increase team efficiency.

Best features:
  • Use a tracker template to set SMART goals
  • View improvement bars over streaks, success rates, calendars, line charts, and lots more
  • Track goals and see your goal progress, so you know where to focus
  • The goal hierarchy feature lets teams visualize things and contribute to large company goals
  • Use real-time dashboards to see if everyone is on track with their goals
  • Your failed goals are highlighted in red and prosperous goals are highlighted in green so you can easily see your achievements
  • The goal streak characteristic is great for motivation
  • Goal tracking app helps in assigning tasks, making progress reports, enabling third-party integrations

It has a free version and its paid plan starts at $5/user per month.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is also a good choice for tracking your goals. This flexible platform gives you an opportunity to set specific objectives. Tracking progress consists of recurring tasks, upcoming tasks, life goals, and business goals. Moreover, it is free for use and enables you to track multiple goals. From helping you set mindful goals to improving your productivity, it is the perfect goal-tracking app. For example, you can set goals, distribute them among specialists, and track progress and results. You can set personal goals and share them with colleagues — this will make the process of achieving them even more fun. Tasks can be associated with professional activities or personal plans.


It is important that the service stores complete information for each purpose for a long time. You'll never forget anything and can return to individual tasks as needed. Time management, habit tracking, strategic planning, project templates, and managing goals at daily tasks are available in this goal tracker app.

Best features:
  • An automated service that shows clear dynamics of your life goals.
  • You can structure your goals depending on the direction and store them in separate folders.
  • It is possible to set business goals for the team or share your tasks with colleagues.
  • Once you’ve created a Goal, you can drop them into your neatly organized Goal Folders. For example, you can group multiple goals into one Folder for easy access.

You can use a goal tracking app for a free plan for $0, also there are unlimited and business plans for $7 and $12 per month per user accordingly.

4. GoalsOnTrack

This app helps you in breaking down big goals into smaller ones. It is more accessible to achieve. The application is suitable for personal planning for those people who want to achieve several goals.


The application interface has a bright, interesting design that encourages you to frequently enter the program and highlight each task with an individual sign. The service has a timer that helps you not miss deadlines for completing a task and work on it more productively.

Beat features:
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Stylish design
  • Availability of timer and reminders
  • Ability to manage multiple goals simultaneously and track progress
  • You can use the goal dashboard to find all your targets, everyday tasks, and the habits you want to keep
  • You can keep track of any long-term goal by dividing it into smaller tasks
  • It supports multi-level goal structures

This app for tracking goals costs $68 per user annually.


This habit tracker has a unique community feature. People can see your public goals, and you also can see what you’re participating in. An application with the simplest possible interface and clear functionality.

Allows you to set goals and objectives, as well as develop new healthy habits. Great for small projects and developing personal effectiveness. For example, it is convenient to record books, count calories, and track productivity at work.

Daily progress is displayed in numerical terms, which is quite clear and convincing. Thanks to this function, it is convenient to track dynamics and adjust your daily actions on the way to the goal.

Best features:
  • Convenient, uncluttered interface.
  • Community support — like-minded people who use the service.
  • Having a virtual assistant in achieving goals from different areas of life.
  • Built-in habit-tracking app
  • Available as an IOS app and Android app
  • It’s a great app if you want to achieve personal development within a community

You can download and use a goal-tracking app for free. Also, there is an opportunity to hire a personal coach, who will cost you $25 per week.

6. Habitica

Habitica is a habit and goal tracker that can help you in life. It lets you create fun avatars that grow stronger with task completion. The service allows you to achieve high results in work and personal life through clear motivation programs.

The user sets a goal and breaks it down into small tasks and actions (SMART goals) that are easy to complete every day.

In the program, you can track progress, view statistics charts, and check task completion. If the user has forgotten to complete a task or has not logged into the application for a long time, the system will send a reminder.

Best features:
  • Schedule habits feature — prioritize tasks and analyze progress
  • Rewards for completed tasks
  • There is a clear schedule of progress toward goals
  • Track progress with time management: charts and graphs
  • Minimalistic design and clear interface
  • Suitable for personal planning
  • There are chats and collaboration on projects
  • Integrations with popular services are available

A goal-tracking app free of use

7. Weekdone

It is one of the most outstanding goal-tracking apps with OKR features. The app has one-on-ones and weekly check-ins.


Best features:
  • The site contains images with motivational quotes that help you complete all your tasks
  • Access real-time dashboards and metrics at any time with performance trends and achievement scores
  • All goals can be combined into groups, as well as moving them from one group to another — this is convenient for tracking progress
  • At any time, you can change the goal to the “Completed” status and back, you can also delete any element or return it to work again. All tasks can be easily navigated with the mouse
  • Easily manage, set, and track long-term and short-term goals with repeating tasks and collaborative features

Weekdone goal tracker app has a free plan, also its paid plan starts at $90 for 4 to 10 users when billed annually.

Track your goals in Bitrix24!

We offer over 35+ tools for team collaboration, time and performance tracking, CRM and task management.

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8. Clockify

Why is Clockify a good goal-tracker app? It is useful for task management of your personal goals. Keep your eye on your goal progress and break bad habits. Moreover, it is free to use for personal or business goals. Clockify offers useful features at no cost.

Best features:
  • Break down your main and big goals into smaller tasks
  • Track the time you spend on following personal goals with a timer, or add time by yourself
  • You can access the Dashboard
  • Cross-platform availability — track your goals via a mobile app, browser extension, and also web or desktop version
  • There is an offline goal tracker
  • Stay on top of your productivity trends and organize your tasks

You can use the goal tracker app’s basic features for free, and also there is an opportunity to use more extra features at $4 per month.

9. Way of Life

This application for tracking goals is famous for its easy-to-use interface and simple and at the same time beautiful design. In addition to simplicity and convenience, it is worth noting that you do not need to pay anything for registration and use of the site.

Way of Life

When setting new goals, the system reminds the user that they must be specific, measurable, and achievable. In a separate tab, you can write down your dreams, which are almost impossible to fulfill, but which may one day come true. So why is it useful?

Best features:
  • Track goal using the unique color system with codes
  • See the bigger picture with charts that let you easily spot negative and positive trends ranging over weeks, during the year, or just days
  • Good habit-tracking opportunities
  • The app is really easy to use. Just a screen with your habits, red and green points, and a few charts

This goal-tracking app has a free version and the premium version starts at $5/user per month.

10. Lattice

Lattice is a goal tracker and user management platform focused on employee task management. You can share your wishes with your friends and relatives.

Your supporters will be able to view your goals, give you advice, and help you stay motivated. In your personal journal, you can describe your achievements and place important notes and comments there. You can also create a collective goal — each member of the group you create will contribute to the project management.

Best features:
  • The platform connects managers and HR to their employees to track progress.
  • People management features for personal meetings, goals, and interactions.
  • Track SMART goals for personal or business goals.
  • The site’s capabilities allow you to create not only private goals, but also open them to other users, look for like-minded people and support among other users of the project, and also solve problems collectively for detailed maintenance and study of statistics of movement towards the goal.
  • Time tracking for project management.

The goal tracker app’s pricing starts at $9.00/user per month.

11. Joe’s Goals

It is a web-based goal-tracking page that lets individuals track as many goals as they want. You have the opportunity to share your goal so that other people can see your progress. This works as additional motivation: users will be able to comment on your achievements, supporting you at the same time.

Joe’s Goals

Any project is divided into small stages, and each of them has its own deadline. Step by step, making one victory after another, you are moving towards achieving your global goal.

Best features:
  • Keep visual track of your daily progress and professional goals
  • You can also develop better habits and get rid of the bad ones
  • You can set unlimited goals and update them

This online goal-tracking app is free.

12. ATracker

ATracker can’t be named as the best app for tracking long-term goals. But in the same way, it offers an easy habit tracker for daily goals. It can be a useful way to check in with yourself to better know your time-spending.

With automated features, manageable tasks, and historical data, the team can work more transparently and efficiently. Reports are available not only to managers but also to employees, which improves communication and increases work engagement.

The program not only allows you to enter goals but also optimize ways to achieve them based on statistical data. For example, if you regularly fail to perform an action at a certain time, the application may offer to adjust the schedule by rescheduling the action to another time.

Best features:
  • There is a mobile and desktop version
  • Easy integration with popular services
  • Possibility of teamwork on tasks
  • Project goals with time tracking

You can use it for free or pay $3 per month for the premium plan.

13. Toodledo

With Toodledo you can set goals, get an overview, and view your progress on one large map. Each goal can be added to a special chart, and colors can be set to highlight priority tasks. You can set time frames for goals and even add special tags to make them easy to track.


An excellent service with many free features that are suitable for companies. In the application, managers can create tasks, assign responsibility, and see how much time employees spend on achieving a particular goal. Assign tasks, track goals, and stay on track with project management.

The service has a convenient calendar that allows you to visualize the schedule for all team members. This solution allows you to collaborate more effectively with each other and book time for colleagues to work on joint projects.

Best features:
  • At any time, you can change the goal to the “Completed” status and back, you can also delete any element or return it to work again. All tasks can be easily navigated with the mouse. Stay on track with time management.
  • If you want, you can share your progress with friends who are registered in the system, giving them access to any element. This function is reversible — you can close access at any time.
  • Set specific goals and objectives, and link tasks to each for better goal-tracking and progress-monitoring.
  • Prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance to automatically sort your to-do list.
  • There are chats and collaboration on projects.

It is free to use, or you can pay for extra features at $6 per month.

14. is another good mobile program for iOS/Android for those who want to improve themselves and achieve their goals through systematic training and a formed hierarchical sequence of goals, from the smallest auxiliary ones to the most important final one.

The program is easy to use and intuitive, the only drawback is that it is not free for more than 1 user and costs $8. This money cannot be called wasted, since the application has a lot of useful gadgets, such as synchronizing user-set tasks with calendars from Google, iOS, or the Outlook email service, as well as graphic visualization of goals, which significantly increases motivation.

Best features:
  • Integrations with popular services are available: Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, JIRA and Salesforce

  • Create task templates for recurring tasks you'll need to complete regularly

  • See your tasks on a calendar 


You can use it for free or pay $8 per user / month for the premium version.

15. ToDoist

It's a simple but useful tool that allows you to track your daily goals quickly and without any extra features. The interface on the site is one page, you can conveniently set tasks for every day and mark them with one click.

The service is free — here you can add any number of goals and monitor your daily score. Another feature is that you can not only measure your progress but also use negative goals to combat your bad habits.

A completely free site that is suitable for lovers of simplicity and minimalism. There is nothing superfluous here — you simply set a goal, break it down into several small tasks, indicate deadlines, determine all possible ways and options for achieving what you want, and start moving toward your dream.

Best features:
  • Integration with the most popular services is available for time management
  • It is possible to work both in a team and individually
  • There are built-in templates for creating projects and time management

You can use Todoist for free forever or upgrade at $5 per month to unlock more features.

In Conclusion — Choose the Best Goal Tracking App

Goal-tracking apps encourage team members to achieve team goals by reminding them about what they should do and displaying how much progress they’ve made.

In addition to tracking working time, you can use the system as a scheduler — create and distribute tasks, see at what stage a particular process is at, and who is responsible for it

Visual reports, which can be easily generated in a couple of clicks, will give you a complete picture of employee performance, which will allow you to redistribute the workload in a timely manner and reward the best.

Goal-tracking apps also break down your large goals into smaller, doable tasks. This way, the steps towards your goals are clearly defined and more achievable.

For work and just life, you can use the application to plan personal goals, the progress of which is visualized with beautiful charts and graphs.

Basically, goals are divided by color: achieved — green, unachieved — red, which is very convenient. With features that help you develop good habits to features that automatically set goals for specific days, Bitrix24 offers teams everything they need for tracking goals and daily habit management.

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