Advanced Zoom integration – BitConf
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Advanced Zoom integration – BitConf

Advanced Zoom integration – BitConf – the app that automates your Zoom routine.

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The Bitrix24 app that can automate creating Zoom meetings and invite your customers to Zoom webinars, or import Leads from Zoom automatically.

Integrate your Zoom with Bitrix24. Connect several Zoom accounts. Schedule meetings, send invitations, automate leads processing. Build a sales machine. Save on Zoom cloud storage and licenses.

– Invite customers to your Zoom webinars automatically.
– Create or schedule Zoom meetings from Bitrix24 Calendar or CRM.
– Import Zoom meeting participants into B24 as Leads automatically.
– Convert customers by sending them invitation links directly from Calendar Events, Leads, Deals, Contacts and Companies.
– Create common or individual invitation links to join your Zoom sessions.
– Choose what Zoom session a customer is invited to, or which of your colleagues will respond to a customer over Zoom.
– Know when customer joins the session and leaves it. Track the attendance.
– Invite customers to Zoom automatically with CRM automation.
– Build automatic sale and marketing funnels.
– Get the meeting records links from the Zoom cloud.
– Automatically back up your records from Zoom cloud to S3 (Amazon, Yandex, Minio etc), Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Bitrix24.Drive.

Want to see a comparison of this app with any other Bitrix24 and Zoom integration?

The app is free to use, but has some paid functions built-in. You don't need to pay anything unless you need these extra functions. To see them, check out the Balance tab in the app Settings. These features are to be paid on a monthly basis, which is $4.99 per 30 days. You can stop paying any month, there is no automatic (recurring) charges. Payments are done via PayPal. Should you want it, please, let us know by email We will confirm by email once the payment accepted and provide you a promo code to redeem and thus activate the paid features.

How to schedule a Zoom meeting with a customer?

Scenario 1 – automatically from CRM
– Create an automation rule that schedules a Zoom meeting in the Leads or Deals.
– Create an automation rule that sends the scheduled Zoom invitation link to your customer.

Scenario 2 – manually from CRM
– Open a Lead (or Deal, Contact, Company) in CRM. Click the dropdown menu in the action log in the right column and click "Bitconf" item;
– In the pop-up window create a new meeting or choose any of the existing ones;
– The invitation link for will be saved to the dedicated field of the Lead (or Deal, Contact, Company) and shown to you in the log. Copy it or send directly from there. Sometimes Bitrix24 is slow to show it instantly, so just refresh the page to see the link generated.

Scenario 3 – manually from Calendar
– In the Bitconf app settings check the box for option "Automatically create Zoom meeting for every event in Bitrix24 calendar and add invitation link to it"
– Go to Calendar. Add an Event and save it.
– Wait for a couple of seconds and re-open the Event you've just added.
– Check the Description of the Event – the Zoom link is there. Share it with your customer.

How to know if a customer joined a Zoom conference or webinar?

This feature is available on Zoom paid tariffs. When customer joins or leaves your Zoom session, Bitconf adds this information to the Lead log in B24. So you will know if he/she ever participated and how much time spent there for sure. Plan your further actions based on that information.
Please note: If you have sent the invitation link to many customers, you will see all their names in the Lead log.

How to build an automatic funnel with Zoom?

Use Bitrix24 automation rules and workflows, just make sure you have this option on your tariff.
You will need just two automation rules (also known as CRM robots):
– First automation rule will create a Zoom meeting from scratch in the Leads or Deals, and generate an invitation link. For a webinar it will fetch the link from Zoom. The link is automatically saved to the field "Zoom (Bitconf)".
– Second automation rule will send the invitation link for this meeting or webinar to your customer through email, sms/text or any other options you have in your Bitrix24 account.

How to create a Lead automatically for every participant registered for Zoom meeting?

1. Create a Zoom meeting. Enable "Require registration" in its settings.
2. In the Bitconf settings enable the "Automatically create Leads from all getting registered in Zoom" option.
3. Manually create a Lead (this can be even not a real one, just for technical purpose) in Bitrix24. In it click Bitconf and choose Invite for the meeting you've created on Step 1. (You can also choose "Unique Invite" here, but it will only work properly if your registration form does not have mandatory fields. So we recommend to choose just basic Invite).
That's it! Now all the registered participants data will be downloaded from Zoom and saved to this Lead in JSON and CSV formats as soon as the meeting will be finished. AND Bitconf will automatically create a separate Lead for every registrant, wh ere all the individual registration data will also be copied.

What to do, if you have many colleagues both in Zoom and Bitrix24, and everyone has several meetings/webinars?

In the Bitconf app settings choose an Employee sync page. Choose what users correspond in both services, and Save the settings once finished. This will make easier for you to orient through total agenda and create meetings for specific colleagues.
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