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Using Bitrix24 as a Free Chatfuel Alternative

Founded in 2015, Chatfuel has already delivered its services to over 7 million businesses worldwide. What makes this solution so popular is a range of features that can be accessed for free, which is hard to find on the modern market.

However, as far as chatbots are concerned, what plays an important role is not whether they can respond to customers' inquiries since that's what they are expected to do. What you should look out for is whether this solution can guide your clients along the journey and get them to buy your product.

Chatfuel Overview

If you have been looking for a reliable business assistant to take care of your daily interactions with customers and prospects, chatbot applications can save the day. The most recognizable solution among competitors is undoubtedly Chatfuel. This chatbot-building platform brings plenty of features to the table, preventing your business from losing valuable leads.

No matter at what time of day people visit your website, they will always get answers to their questions and have fun interacting with AI-powered support.

Now, let's dive into what users should expect from Chatfuel in terms of its capabilities.

But first off, let's make it clear what chatbots actually are. In most general terms, chatbots comprise a series of building units, also known as blocks, that are connected in such a way that they create a conversation pathway for the user to follow.

Chatfuel goes far beyond providing users with a bot that can answer some simple questions. It also includes an AI component, meaning that you can instruct your virtual assistant on how to respond to specific inquiries. Thus, you can predetermine the bot's responses to a set of keywords. That takes conversations with customers to a whole new level, delivering highly personalized experiences.

Going back to our topic, here are some of the most prominent features that Chatfuel offers its clients.

  • Chatbots created with the help of Chatfuel can qualify leads. By engaging in meaningful conversations with prospects, bots can determine who is more likely to buy your products.

  • Chatfuel allows bots to collect customers' information, such as their occupation, gender, age, location, and more. This data is essential if you want to get to know your target market and deliver personalized offers.

  • With the help of Chatfuel, users can increase conversion rates. Potential clients are no more left on their own while browsing through the website. Instead, AI-powered bots offer personalized guidance right down the sales funnel, bringing leads closer to making a deal.

Another nice aspect of Chatfuel is that no technical knowledge is required to build simple but powerful chatbots, which is achieved through an intuitive and responsive drag-and-drop interface.

Contrary to Chatfuel, Bitrix24 is far from being a simple application designed uniquely for bot creation. However, there are still plenty of features that can meet all your corresponding demands.

Features Chatfuel Bitrix24
Data dashboard
AI Assistant
Auto dialer
Automated replies for messages
Billing and invoicing
Campaign management
Call and SMS analytics
Call tracking
Client profile
Contact database
Contact management
Customer database
Custom workflows
Document management
Employee portal
Gantt charts
Goal setting and tracking
Integration with email
Integration with social media
Kanban view
Lead capture
Lead engagement
Lead management
Lead qualification
Meeting management
Project management
Quote management
Automated reminders
Product catalog
Reporting and statistics
SMS automation
Video conferencing

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Chatfuel Pros

  • Plenty of free features
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Bot testing
  • No coding skills required

Chatfuel Cons

  • Brand watermark on free features
  • Focuses mainly on FB Messenger
  • Need to have a FB account

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • A wide selection of plans to address the needs of organizations of all sizes.
  • Connect their websites to the Bitrix24 ecosystem.
  • Automated replies for incoming messages.
  • Connect various social networks and messengers to your contact center
  • AI Powered

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