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How To Create Tasks From Email In Bitrix24

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Bitrix24 Team
March 28, 2016
Last updated: February 14, 2022
How To Create Tasks From Email In Bitrix24
Now tasks can be quickly created in Bitrix24 by forwarding an email to a special email address.

This feature is available to all Bitrix24 users regardless of which plan they currently use. Typically, a person would create a task for himself/herself by forwarding email message, however, if you share the email address with others, they will be able to create new task for you by sending email message to that address.

How Email To Task option works

The special email address can be found in Bitrix24 user profile page – “To create a task”:


You can use this address to email tasks for yourself or share it with your coworkers, partners or clients to set tasks for you.
Simply forward or send a new email message to this address with task name as the email subject & task description as message text. Attach files to the email & they will be added as attachments to your Bitrix24 tasks.


Each time a new task is created, you will get a notification (check your notification preferences if you don’t) with a link to open the task:


All tasks sent to you by email will be automatically added to “My Tasks”.

New task created for you from the email message will look like any other Bitrix24 task form, which can be edited at any time – e.g. you will be able to assign it to a different user, add participants or observers, set deadlines, etc.


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How Email To Task option works

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