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Switch CRM Modes In Mobile App

Switch CRM Modes In Mobile App
Bitrix24 Team
May 10, 2023
Last updated: May 10, 2023

Bitrix24 Mobile app has been updated. From now on you can switch between CRM modes inside your mobile app. 

There are two ways you can work with clients in Bitrix24 CRM - Simple (without leads) and Classic (with leads). 

  • Classic CRM mode is more suitable for med-sized businesses or enterprises. In this scenario new potential customers are added to Bitrix24 CRM as leads.
  • Simple CRM mode is preferable for small business, when new clients are added to your CRM as contact or deals. 

Modes can be switched from Leads or Deals section both in web version of Bitrix24 CRM or inside the Mobile app.

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