Need To Contact Bitrix24 Support? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Bitrix24 Team
March 15, 2023
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Need To Contact Bitrix24 Support? Here Is What You Need To Know
New to Bitrix24? 95% of your Bitrix24 questions are already answered in our Bitrix24 Care FAQ. Watch our short help videos on Youtube or a longer product demoOur webinars cover a wide range of topics and are available for free in multiple languages.

Bitrix24 Live Chat Support is available only to commercial plan subscribers. Please note that only account administrators can contact support. 

FAQ: Bitrix24 Support

Can the Bitrix24 support consultants log in to my account? 

No. The Customer support team cannot log in to your account (don't connect to you via Team Viewer, and don't call you via Skype or phone). The support team doesn't know your username or password.

Is it possible to contact a technical support specialist directly?

All requests first go to the customer care team. When necessary our customer care team will forward your request to technical support directly. Please formulate your question clearly so that we can forward your request to the tech support team when needed. 

How do I know that the error I found has been fixed?

You will receive a notification with the number of your request when the issue is fixed (for bugs or other tech problems).

Feature requests or product feedback

Please note that product feedback is important to us and you are welcome to suggest new features and scenarios for Bitrix24. However, please note that our support team does not provide any information on when/if your suggestion is about to be released. Every day we gather dozens of product suggestions for future consideration. We do analyze all of our customer's requests, but the most frequently asked-for suggestions will get into development first.

Can the Bitrix24 customer support team configure my account?

Bitrix24 support team does not configure or customize accounts, design workflows or develop applications. Please contact Bitrix24-certified partners in your region.

Who can help if there is an error in Bitrix24.Market application?

Bitrix24.Market features 500+ applications that you can use to extend your Bitrix24 functionality. These apps are developed by third-party developers. Please contact the app developer directly (contact information is provided for each app in the Marketplace).

Final Notes

  • If possible please attach screenshots, videos, or gifs describing the problem, it will help us to resolve your issue faster. 
  • If you have several questions, it is preferable to solve them separately.
  • Don't forget to rate customer care team assistance. Feedback is important to us.

Please read more about Helpdesk support FAQs here.
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FAQ: Bitrix24 Support
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