Meet Bitrix24.Sign

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Bitrix24 Team
May 18, 2023
Last updated: May 18, 2023
Meet Bitrix24.Sign

Meet Bitrix24.Sign - a solution that makes signing documents in Bitrix24 as fast, easy and intuitive as possible. This tool allows you to create documents and send them to your counterparty for signature in a few clicks.

Features of Bitrix24.Sign:

  • Create a document for signing from a file (doc, JPG, etc.)

  • Add fields (to be filled in by the sales agent who prepares the document and the two signing parties)

  • Create and save your own template (with all the client data pre-entered, the only thing that’s needed is to sign and/or seal the document)

  • Send documents and identify the signing parties via email, SMS, WhatsApp

  • Certificate of Completion (automatically created and attached to the signed document)

  • Kanban board for the document signing process (with stages)

  • No need for the signees to create a Bitrix24 account

  • Sign documents right from the CRM (all the required fields get filled in automatically based on the data from the deal)

  • Low-code automation

  • Document integrity check

  • eIDAS, UETA, and eSIGN compliant

Read more about what is Bitrix24.Sign, tool overview, how to use inside CRM and automation options available.

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