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March Schedule of Live Webinars

March Schedule of Live Webinars
Bitrix24 Team
March 2, 2023
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Register for the upcoming live webinars on Bitrix24. Webinars conducted by Bitrix24 Gold Partner Intreface.


Webinar 4PM UTC 07/03/2023Register

How do you manage the project in Bitrix24. How to create processes which are perfectly connected and how deliver projects with greater speed and control.

Topics to cover:
1. How to create projects in a structured manner ensuring all the right information and people are included.
2. How to collaborate successfully with clients and deliver projects on time.
3. How to gain full control of your projects and teams.


Webinar 4PM UTC 07/03/2023Register

Leave requests, expenses submission, purchase requests etc. How to manage them. Make them work better for your business to save time and provide better control.

Topics to cover:
1. Tools for finding employees, managing work time and personal areas for contracts and appraisals documents
2. Self service forms for managing absence, submitting expenses and requested purchases
3. Custom processes such as onboarding new starters
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