Blog How to Configure Bitrix24 Main Menu and Why You Should Do It

How to Configure Bitrix24 Main Menu and Why You Should Do It

Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: January 26, 2021
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: January 26, 2021
How to Configure Bitrix24 Main Menu and Why You Should Do It
We take great pride in positioning Bitrix24 as “the only software your business will ever need” and this has been our vision since day one. However, seeing our main menu featuring 30+ tools for the first time may seem a bit overwhelming for some.

That’s why, upon your first launch, we offer you to choose your primary tool in Bitrix24 - the one you think you will be using more often. There are 4 primary tools:
  • CRM
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Communications
  • Sites
Depending on your choice, the Main Menu will feature the items relevant to your primary tool more prominently. Otherwise, it’s still the same product - the only thing that changes is the Main Menu configuration. Plus, you can always change that configuration later.

How can you and your team benefit from customizing the Main Menu? More on that below.

Four Primary Tools to Choose From

When you first launch Bitrix24, you will have to go through a quick account registration/confirmation procedure, after which we will greet you with the following message:

start 374.jpg

Here, you have two options:

  1. If you pick one of the four options we give you, the main menu will change accordingly featuring the tools you will be using more prominently up on top
  2. If you decide to skip the choice, then the main menu will remain in its default state, which you can always change later
We strongly recommend choosing your primary tool, but don't worry - you can reset the menu as many times as you want later.

Also, based on your choice, we’ll be supplying you with a relevant set of onboarding tips and how-to’s so that you could make yourself comfortable inside the product.

How does this choice affect the product and your experience? Basically, it will just rearrange the Main Menu items shifting the focus to the elements you will be using more often - the rest will remain the same. 

As we mentioned before, you get to choose between 4 primary tools featured in Bitrix24 - CRM, Tasks & Projects, Communications, and Sites. Let’s take a closer look at each of the four possible Main Menu configurations.



So, you’re all about sales, huh? Choosing CRM as your primary tool will bring up the elements related to sales and marketing allowing you to focus more on deals, conversions, ROIs, and working with your customers.

In addition to that, you will also get quick access to tasks and projects since they play an important role in managing your sales team.

Tasks & Projects

Bitrix24 started out as a project management tool so this is where our core lies. Choosing Tasks & Projects will bring the following elements like Tasks & Projects, Calendar, Bitrix24.Drive and Employees into your spotlight.

This will help you to focus on quality project management and ensure maximum visibility of your workflows.



A lot of our clients are using Bitrix24 mostly for team communication, file sharing, and online collaboration - especially since the remote work trend kicked in. If you happen to be after communication tools as well, then your main menu will feature chats, video calls, time/reports, and, of course, workgroups.



In addition to all of the above, Bitrix24 also boasts a might website builder tools that you can use for creating (and hosting) beautiful websites, landing pages, and online stores fully integrated with your CRM.

Choosing Sites as your primary tool will give you quick access to our visual website editor, Online Store, Webmail, Contact Center, and all of the CRM integrations.

Why Bother Configuring the Menu? Five Reasons You Should

Configuring the Main Menu can significantly improve your user experience with Bitrix24 and help you get off to a better start - here’s why:

1. Gets your there faster
Why have the menu items you will probably never use hanging around? By customizing the main menu you simply remove all the stuff that is non-essential to your work.

2. Eases you into Bitrix24
Depending on your choice, we will offer you a relevant set of onboarding emails and tips to help you get Bitrix24 to really work for you.

3. Saves your time
Simple as that - every tool you may need for work is always right there where you expect it to be, within a click’s reach.

4. Focuses your efforts on what really matters for your business
Customizing your main menu means you understand what it is that you really want to achieve with Bitrix24 - we just give you a shortcut to get you closer to your goals.

5. It’s such a minor thing after all
Seriously, it’s not a big deal - from operating systems on smartphones to graphics editors, every piece of software requires a bit of setting and fine-tuning. The ultimate goal here is to provide you with a customized and personalized user experience so that you could achieve your goals faster.
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