Blog How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Fulfillment

How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Fulfillment

Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: April 5, 2023
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 5, 2023
How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Fulfillment
A common problem that companies experience is a gap between sales and order fulfillment. For companies that have separate sales teams and fulfillment teams, this gap can be even bigger.

No matter what type of industry your company is in, there is a need to quickly fulfill orders while giving the customer what they are expecting. To bridge this gap, communication is the key.

The Sales Side

There are two types of companies: the ones that have sales teams and the ones that function in more of a direct-to-consumer set up with a storefront or website. Each has different needs for fulfillment, so they will be discussed separately.

Sales Teams

Sales teams that are approaching companies or individuals for business have a unique opportunity. Connecting with the lead is about building relationships. With this style of sales, communication is the focus because it is on the sales reps to manage expectations. Few things are as frustrating for a fulfillment team as finding out they have two days to fulfill an order or set up a product that will take two weeks. 

Communication between the teams is vital. Each needs to know what the other is dealing with so that sales teams are not making promises that cannot be fulfilled. Those on the fulfillment side needs to help the sales teams understand reality when fulfilling orders. If a company builds websites and usually takes two weeks to build one, they should let sales teams know if they are backlogged and the time will take longer than normal.

Direct to Consumer

For companies that sell directly to consumers through stores and websites, the communication piece of the puzzle is still the key. Having a system in place that helps buyers know what is in stock, and when out of stock items will be restocked can save the company a lot of work. It also helps consumers know when to check back.

Best Communication Tools

When every single order matters to a business, it is important to set your company up for success. Part of that is having the best communication tools. No matter how big your company is, having tools that can help teams communicate with each other and decrease confusion is priceless.

Bitrix24 is the answer your company needs. Using the Bitrix24 project management software helps organize your work. Sales teams can create tasks and then assign them over to the fulfillment side. Add client meetings to calendars and then leave notes in tasks or calendars to update teams on project updates.

With Bitrix24, individual teams and different departments can communicate better with our tools, including these:

  • Calendars. See what projects are already on the board and follow the accurate timeline estimates for each one of them.

  • Chat. Stay in touch with your coworkers by chatting in real time.

  • Website Builder. Create a website that works for your company. Add any tools or plugins you may need.

  • Chatbots and AI. Get customer service support for your website with bots and AI.

  • Mobile App. Stay connected wherever you are with the Bitrix24 mobile app. All tools available on the desktop can be accessed from your mobile device.

  • Reminders. Watch leads move down the pipeline and fulfill orders faster.

Each of these tools provides different ways for teams to communicate so teams can find a system that works best for their needs.

Affordable Tools

The best place to start bridging the sales to fulfillment gap is with improved communication and organization. Bringing all these tools together in one service makes it easier to use. Bitrix24 not only brings everything together in one software program but is also free. For bigger companies that want expanded services, there is a low fee, but most can go with the free version with no problems.

If you are looking for ways to bridge the gap between sales and fulfillment, start with getting a better project management tool. Improve your communication between departments and offer support for your website visitors. To learn more, schedule a demo to see how Bitrix24 can help your company.
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