New in Bitrix24: CRM Store

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Bitrix24 Team
June 15, 2020
Last updated: March 1, 2022
New in Bitrix24: CRM Store
Dear Bitrix24 users,

We are glad to present a brand new cool feature in Bitrix24 - meet Bitrix24 CRM Store - a new format for digital sales.

Payment is the final step of winning deals, and the variety of payment methods plus the simplicity of conducting payments would be a great advantage.

Bitrix24 CRM Store helps your clients pay with easy and helps you to receive their payments, create an order inside the CRM system and send it to the client. Once the client gets payment details, they may choose the most convenient payment method and conduct payment. You will receive the payment in seconds, and the client will get notified about the successful payment and get a receipt. Accept online payments, hard cash, debit and credit cards or use a QR code. 

You will have to connect your payment systems to your CRM and start selling right away.


For detailed information on How a client pays an order in the CRM Store, please see this article

In order to achieve effective digital sales, sales teams need to pay attention to the efficiency of order processing. Bitrix24 CRM Store contains all the tools needed for effective order handling. Learn how to Improve the efficiency of order handling, please see this article.

What is more, the sales process has several important stages, including tracking payments and ensuring that your company does receive payments. It is definitely very convenient to have an option to follow all these steps in the single deal form. CRM Store offers this cool option to Track the payment status in the deal form, please see this article

Process, get and store payment data inside a single CRM system and never loose clients at the payment stage! Bitrix24 is the CRM that sells. 

Happy digital sales, 
Your Bitrix24 team 

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