Meet New Bitrix24 CRM Forms

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June 23, 2016
Last updated: August 31, 2019
Meet New Bitrix24 CRM Forms
Long-awaited lead capture forms for your Bitrix24 CRM are finally there. Everyone knows what a web form is, but sometimes working with forms may require additional efforts:
  • Need of a website where the form will be placed;
  • Web form creation may be complicated for a sales agent when additional programming skills are demanded;
  • Difficulties with filled form results processing;
  • Results transfer to the CRM;
  • Form results analytics where e.g. Google Analytics connection can be really handy.

The purpose of any web form is to get a new lead or contact, or add more information to the existing client records in your CRM.

We have tried to minimize your efforts with a new smart web forms in Bitrix24. Read our short article about it:

Discover the advantages of Bitrix24 CRM web forms:

1. Easy web form designer:


2. Public page for your web forms with your Bitrix24 domain name (your company name) on it:


Custom background image, different tabs background & text colors, 3 types of form theme, etc.


3. Integration with Bitrix24 CRM:


4. Queue of several responsible persons for web forms results distribution (coming soon)

5. Web forms results can be connected to Google Analytics (you will be able to add your Google Analytic ID inside the form designer)

6. Five pre-designed forms (coming soon)

7. Three scenarios for web forms:

  • Simple forms;
  • Forms with field rules;
  • Forms with online payment option (e.g. client will be forwarded to Paypal payment page after form is completed):


Products from the catalog can be selected and added to the form, so that a client will be able to choose:


After the form is completed, the client will see the final invoice with online payment options and be redirected to the chosen provider (e.g. Paypal) payment page:


8. Embedded forms – copy & paste the code into your web page:


Use Bitrix24 CRM forms to boost productivity. All form data will be saved to the CRM system; managers will only have to process the collected information inside the CRM system.
Use forms in the chat, on your site's pages or send a link to a public page so that your clients can complete the form whenever they choose.

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