Bitrix24 Extranet and Intranet Users Comparison

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Bitrix24 Team
December 11, 2020
Last updated: December 25, 2020
Bitrix24 Extranet and Intranet Users Comparison
Dear Bitrix24 users, 

Besides intranet users in Bitrix24 account, there is also an option to add extranet users to Bitrix24. Who are extranet users? Extranet users are those who are not your company employees like your customers, freelancers and other contractors or business partners.

Extranet users have a limited access to your Bitrix24 account modules, and you can communicate with them, share content and discuss ideas inside extranet workgroups and projects, assign tasks to them as well as add them to existing tasks, share and work with files and documents. This option will make the whole collaboration process very convenient and enjoyable both for your company employees and your partners, as you can still fully use your Bitrix24 platform for effective communication in one place. 

The process of adding extranet users and creating extranet workgroups and projects is easy and won't take long. 

Before adding extranet users to your Bitrix24 account we recommend to have a look at this article for a detailed comparison between intranet and extranet users. 

Enjoy the way you work and collaborate with Bitrix24! 

Best regards, 
Your Bitrix24 team
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