Blog Streamline Your Xero Invoicing With Bitrix24 Self-Hosted

Streamline Your Xero Invoicing With Bitrix24 Self-Hosted

Bitrix24 Team
3 min
Updated: April 5, 2023
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 5, 2023
Streamline Your Xero Invoicing With Bitrix24 Self-Hosted

Wouldn’t it be great to get your quotes and invoices sorted in both Bitrix24 and Xero and have matching automatically? Tired of double job creating the same document in 2 systems?

Data sync between Xero and Bitrix24 Self-Hosted is now available in auto mode with Bitrix24 to Xero connector by Webbee Ltd.

The integration module for a Self-Hosted Bitrix24 and a private Xero account has been implemented by developers in Webbee Limited, Auckland based Bitrix24 Gold Partner in New Zealand.

Bitrix24 is considered to be a Master system, that generates quotes/invoices and transfer them into Xero.

No more need in opening the Xero interface and creation of invoice that will match the Bitrix24 invoice. Systems will talk to each other without your additional actions.

The connector is aiming to solve the following:

  • Minimize your time for the creation of invoice in 2 systems;
  • Match the statuses of your invoice in Bitrix24 and Xero;
  • Allow automation once the invoice is marked “Paid”;
  • Synchronize the database of your Contacts in both systems;
  • Increase your overall performance and productivity working with invoices in Bitrix24 and Xero.

The detailed set of features/functionality:

  • Products and initial data import:
    • Sales Account (General Ledger code) have to be assigned to each Product item in a Bitrix24 catalogue; 
    • Initial import Companies from Xero to Bitrix24;
    • Initial import Contacts from Xero to Bitrix24;
    • Initial import Products from Xero to Bitrix24.
  • Invoices (two-ways integration):
    • A new invoice created in Bitrix24 automatically transferred to Xero as a Draft;
    • Data from a Bitrix24 invoice is passed into a Xero invoice (ItemCode, Description, Qty, Price, GL SalesCode, Tax Rate);
    • Invoice statuses updates in both directions (interval is 30sec-5min); 
    • Any changes to the existing invoice in Bitrix24 will be synced with the existing Xero invoice (while in Draft status);
    • Contact/Company linked to the invoice in Bitrix24 is created in Xero;
    • Once an invoice in Xero is sent to the client, the status will be changed to Authorized and synced back with Bitrix24;
    • Once the invoice paid in Xero, the PAID status will be sent back to Bitrix24;
  • Quotes (one-way integration):
    • Quote can be synced to Xero with product details, customer and pricing information.
    • Quote status change in Bitrix24 will trigger a quote status change in Xero.

More details on the website.

Background and technical info:

  • The Dashboard with details about the status of the agent;
  • Invoice queue allows avoiding Xero API restrictions in 60 requests per minute;
  • Fully automated transaction flow;
  • OAuth 2.0 Xero one-time authorization;
  • Sync activity log;
  • Webhook based.

Xero data import page

Picture 1.png

Config Page

Picture 2.png

Some features can be adjusted by request.

For more information please contact Webbee Limited, Auckland based Bitrix24 Gold Partner in New Zealand.

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