Get free online project management calendar from Bitrix24.

Everything you need to schedule your project and complete it, task by task, in strict accordance with this schedule.

Free project management calendar

If you are looking for free project management calendar software, Bitrix24 is your best bet. It is a comprehensive set of tools that includes tasks, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, time tracking, and everything else you need to manage your projects right.

Bitrix24 offers different tools to help you create and follow your project management schedule. At any given moment, you can switch between a simple list of tasks, Kanban board, planner, or calendar.

  1. Classic calendar

Bitrix24 makes it really easy to see the due date for every task and project that you have. We offer a personal calendar, a workgroup/project calendar, and a company calendar so that different events and tasks never get mixed up.

  1. Gantt chart

A great mechanism for the visual representation of the task schedule, the Gantt chart in Bitrix24 allows you to see the project progress displayed intuitively on a chart. Here, each task has certain parameters such as duration, deadline, and dependency (how it is related to other tasks).

  1. Kanban board

Kanban board is another great project visualization tool designed specifically for workgroups. Here, you can create custom stages for a project and move the tasks from one stage to another as the project goes on.

Super-neat and extremely intuitive, this way of task representation will always keep you updated on the current project status.

In addition to these, Bitrix24 offers many other project planning tools, such as resource allocation and time tracking.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page

Basic features

  • Online calendars
  • Events and appointments
  • Customizable access rights
  • Free CRM inside
  • Built-in contact center
  • Task management
  • Intranet space for communication
  • Cloud or self-hosted (open source code access)
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • Desktop Mac or Windows app
  • Any internet browser access
  • API and RestAPI

Calendars and Scheduling

  • Time zone settings
  • Daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Multiple calendars and schedules
  • Private, public and group calendars
  • Access rights management
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Invitations for participants 
  • Availability during the event
  • Client scheduling (CRM element inclusion)
  • Tasks in calendars

Collaboration and communication tools

  • Intranet
  • Social network structure
  • Newsfeed
  • Announcements, polls, likes, comments
  • Reward badges and employee engagement features
  • Private, group, public chats
  • Call and videoconferences
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Task and project management
  • Document management
  • HR tools
  • Knowledge management
  • And other tools

CRM and Contact Center

  • In-built fully-featured free CRM
  • Unlimited leads, contacts, companies and deals
  • Unlimited invoicing and quoting
  • In-built Contact Center
  • Telephony
  • Free email marketing
  • Social network messengers
  • Instant messengers
  • Free website builder
  • Online store 
  • Product catalog
  • Live chat widget
  • Webform generator
  • Learn more
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To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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12,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24

12,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24

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