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Bitrix24 is one of the world’s leading project management platforms offering a wide variety of modern PM tools, including Agile project management.

Welcome to Bitrix24, a free project management platform available in 18 languages and used in more than 120 countries by over 10 million teams. But how exactly does it work for Agile-oriented project management? Let’s take a closer look and start a few decades back.

The whole rise of Agile project management methodology was a response to the fact that other methodologies (like the waterfall, critical path, and others) did not meet the then-modern requirements. The fast-changing world and markets required something more flexible and… agile!

When it burst onto the project management market, Agile project management methodology was a success since it gave developers and project managers the freedom, speed, and flexibility they’d all been craving for. 

However, in recent years the Agile approach began to lose its initial appeal becoming somewhat dogmatised and rigid almost ready to be replaced with something new. But the glory days of agile are far from over - at least, not for another few years and certainly not if you have Bitrix24. 

Bitrix24 agile project management is indeed AGILE 2.0, which essentially means that it is flexible enough to suit various different needs while remaining a solid-structured project management system at its core.

Bitrix24 features the following essential Agile project management tools:

In addition to the more or less traditional tools, Bitrix24 features a new generation of Agile project management tools (also known as AGILE 2.0) based around the idea that communication and collaboration are an essential part of modern Agile project management. Here are these tools:

If you are looking to try one of the best free agile project management platforms on the market, get your free Bitrix24 account today.

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Basic features

  • Free for an unlimited number of users

  • 5 GB online storage

  • Unlimited teams

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited tasks and subtasks

  • Document management

  • Calendars and scheduling

  • Time tracking

  • Cloud and self-hosted versions

  • API and open source code for the self-hosted version

  • Mobile and desktop apps

  • Learn more

Task management for business

  • Personal tasks

  • Group tasks

  • Task templates

  • Task delegation

  • Task reports

  • Task-to-calendar conversion

  • Task time tracking

  • Gantt chart

  • Kanban board

  • Learn more

Employee management

Social collaboration

  • Social intranet

  • Chats

  • Video calls & video conferencing

  • Appreciation badges

  • Mentions

  • Announcements

  • File sharing and synchronisation

  • Learn more

Timing and planning

  • Online time clock

  • Task time tracking

  • Customisable workday settings

  • Daily planner

  • Online calendar

  • Mobile calendar

  • Learn more

CRM and client management

  • Billing

  • Quotes

  • Client management system (CRM)

  • Email

  • Call center

  • Records management

  • Learn more

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12,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24

12,000,000+ organizations have chosen Bitrix24

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