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What Is Bitrix24?

What Is Bitrix24?
Bitrix24 Team
September 15, 2020
Last updated: September 18, 2020

Why Bitrix24?

The effect Bitrix24 can have on your business is akin to what the assembly line once did to the individual manufacturing by hand: a quantum leap in productivity, efficiency, and the overall output.

Analogies aside, Bitrix24 is a piece of business software that is definitely worth trying if you are looking to:

  • Streamline your business processes
  • Increase your sales and marketing ROI
  • Organize efficient internal communications and document flow
  • Coordinate multiple offices located in different parts of the worlds
  • Switch to remote work with zero compromises to the productivity
  • Automate routine tasks and processes
  • Boost participation and engagement among your team members

How is this all even possible? Let’s take a look at the key features of Bitrix24 and see how your organization can benefit from using them.

Bitrix24 Components

Although we prefer to think of Bitrix24 as a single piece of software, it does feature multiple management, marketing, and communication tools tightly integrated with each other.

These tools can be grouped into 5 major components based on their purpose:

  • CRM
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Collaboration
  • Contact Center
  • Sites & Stores

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one of these components.

customer (1).png

Bitrix24 CRM

The cornerstone of our product, CRM is arguably the most important business feature of Bitrix24. Much like our other tools, Bitrix24 CRM is more than “just CRM” as it is packed with client management, customer support, and marketing automation features.

The beauty of all these tools is that they are already set up and ready to go. Here are just some of the things you will be able to do once you start using Bitrix24 CRM.

Find new customers

Lead acquisition is made easy in our CRM. You can generate leads via a multitude of channels, including web forms, live chats, phone calls, or social media, and have them added to your CRM automatically.

Use our form builder to create custom forms adding fields that you will need later when working with these leads.

Organize and manage your leads

Once you acquired enough leads, it is time to sort them and qualify them. You can use our built-in lead scoring tool to see which prospects your sales reps need to focus on and assign them automatically.

Collect, store, and manage client data

It’s one thing to have all the information about a certain client in a CRM deal. A completely different thing is being able to quickly navigate through your CRM records and find the right info within a few clicks. Bitrix24 has both.

Another useful tool we have recently introduced is the ability to configure access rights for CRM fields. It comes in handy when you want to make certain fields invisible (e.g., deal amount) for specific users.

Automate your sales funnel

Why bother moving a lead from one stage to another manually when you can automate the whole thing? With Bitrix24 CRM, you can set up your own, custom sales pipeline and move deals through each stage using automation rules and triggers. 

Saves plenty of time and hassle while allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important - converting prospects into paying clients.

Sell right out of your CRM

With Bitrix24 CRM Store, you can sell products online directly to the contacts from your CRM - no other equipment or software required.

All you have to do is take an order from your client, generate a payment link, and then send that link to the client and wait for the payment to arrive. Once the order’s been paid, all you have to do is arrange the delivery.

Run victorious marketing campaigns

Using our CRM Marketing tool, you can reach out to your potential and existing clients via the most effective channel - whether it's Facebook, email, phone calls, SMS, push notifications, or messengers.

Our CRM will track your marketing costs and calculate ROI automatically. This way, you will know exactly which marketing channels, campaigns, or even keywords are delivering the best return on investment.

Make informed decisions based on hard data

A CRM without built-in analytics? You must be mistaking us for someone else. Bitrix24 CRM comes equipped with the Sales Intelligence module, where you can track and analyze actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns.

All the data is received and processed automatically requiring minimal setup. You will be amazed at how more informed your marketing decisions will get once you start crunching the data using Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence.

Generate repeat sales

Using our Sales Center (also a part of Bitrix24 CRM), you can run email marketing, SMS, telemarketing, voice broadcasting, and Facebook/Google retargeting campaigns directly from your CRM.


It’s all great and good, but here’s the most important thing our CRM can do for your business. Instead of dozens of business processes, sales activities, and document flows happening randomly and chaotically, you will get a single, streamlined process - done from start to finish using a single tool.

In the end, you as the manager will get a clear picture of your sales and quick access to any piece of information or data you might need.

control (2).png

Bitrix24 Tasks & Project Management

Another huge chunk of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our tasks & project management tools are designed to help you get more stuff done in less time.

For IT companies, we’ve got the most common project management methodologies already integrated - you can start using Bitrix24 for your agile software development right out of the box.

For everyone else, you will find it easy to adapt our tasks for your needs. Besides, what’s there to adapt? It’s all stripped down to the basics:

  • You create a new workgroup (that will serve as a virtual department in your company), add users and set their roles/positions
  • Next, you start assigning tasks to your subordinates. Every task has a description, deadline, and optional settings like sub-tasks, reminders, time tracking, automation, and more
  • Once a task has been created, you will receive notifications about any task activity and be able to respond quickly
  • After a task has been finished, you may give it a score, which will then later affect the responsible person’s KPI

All the tasks within a single project can be grouped and presented via a number of ways, depending on your project management preferences:

  • Kanban
  • Gantt chart
  • Planner
  • Calendar
  • List view

Finally, if you’re running multiple projects at a time, we created smart filters and tags for you to navigate through your tasks easily.

And if you’re running WAY TOO MANY projects most of which are repetitive and recurring in nature, you just have to try our task automation tools - they’re truly awesome. Once you create an automated task (e.g., “prepare daily SEO report”), it will repeat itself in strict accordance with your parameters and save you some extra time.

One more thing before we move on to the next segment is this little feature we have added just recently, as per multiple requests from our clients. If you need to run a project together with some people outside your company (and who do not have a Bitrix24 account), you can actually do it now by sharing your project with these external users.

collab (1).png


Possibilities for online collaboration are limitless in Bitrix24. In fact, they always have been but, since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and the global remote work trend, we started putting additional emphasis on our online collaboration tools perfecting them and adding new features regularly.

Throughout 2020, we received tons of feedback from our clients who were thanking us for helping their companies and teams to keep their internal communications going strong during the remote work phase.

So, what collaboration and communication tools are there in Bitrix24?


A classic! One-on-one and group chats will allow your employees to communicate quickly, share files, and solve work-related issues in a format that’s super-intuitive, easy-to-use, and convenient for everyone.

HD video calls and conferences

No remote work is imaginable without a reliable video conferencing tool, which we happen to have here in Bitrix24. Unlike some other similar service whose name rhymes with “boom”, we do not have any time limit for our calls.

In Bitrix24, you can hold big online meetings with up to 24 participants or simply have one-on-one calls. In addition to that, you get more or less standard options like sending files and sharing your screen to show images and presentations during calls.

Oh, and we took care of the security concerns as well. All of our calls are encrypted to protect your privacy and the company’s data.

The Activity Stream

This is essentially a Facebook-like feed in your Bitrix24 portal featuring posts, announcements, comments, likes, and notifications. A great tool for encouraging social interactions within your team in a natural way tied in with their work.

It will also stimulate employee engagement, which is really important when your team has to work remotely.


Since Bitrix24 is an ONLINE collaboration suite, all the information, files, and documents you create are stored online as well, safely and securely on your Bitrix.Drive.

This allows you to create, edit, and share files easily across the whole team + keep all your documentation neatly organized in a place where it will be always easy to find.

contact (1).png

Contact Center

What we mean by “Contact Center” in Bitrix24 is any and every tool you may need for quick and efficient communication with your clients. Let your clients choose how they want to reach you, and we will provide you with the tools to handle these requests in the most efficient way.

You can choose from:

  • Classic helpdesk (customer support tickets and all that)
  • Online chat (plenty of advanced setting, including customizable chatbots, canned replies, and more)
  • VoIP telephony (set up your own call center with smart routing and call tracking)
  • Email, SMS, social media, and more!

Needless to say, all of the incoming requests (whether it’s tickets, text messages, or calls) are processed and stored in Bitrix24 so that you could always go back and find the request you need.

website (1).png

Sites & Stores

A relatively recent addition to our product, Bitrix24.Sites have become one of the most popular features among sales and marketing companies.

“Bitrix24.Sites” is a template-based website builder allowing you to create beautiful websites, landing pages, and online stores right out of your Bitrix24. Not only that, but we also provide hosting for your future website and a custom domain name.

The beauty of this tool is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on rather costly web development and design. Instead, you can pick one of our industry-specific templates and build your own site on top of it. 

No coding skills are required whatsoever as the whole process is super-intuitive and easy to follow. Knowing how important proper SEO is in modern digital marketing, we took care of that too making your websites pre-optimized and SEO-friendly with minimal tweaks required from you.

Creating and publishing an online store is one thing, but how do you run one? Well, everything is easy with Bitrix24. We have a built-in online store module where you can keep track of your sales, manage stock, and accept payments. Just like that.

management (1).png

Employee Management

Although strictly not a separate module, employee management plays a very important role in the Bitrix24 ecosystem, and we have plenty of tools for that.

Managing your employees is much easier when everyone can start/pause/finish their working day from their phones or laptops using an online time clock built into Bitrix24. All the data is aggregated and can be used for wage calculation later. You can also create shifts, manage sick leaves, overtimes, paid time off, and ensure accurate payments and tax calculations every pay period.

mobile desktop.png

Bitrix24 Mobile App & Desktop App

In addition to the default in-browser version, we also have a mobile app and a desktop app, which are an integral part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem. 

Our mobile app comes in super handy when you’re on the go and need to take an active part in a project. You can set tasks, make video calls, use chats, post comments, and do so much more.

Our desktop app really shines when it comes to working with projects or having video conferences. Optimized for a familiar and enjoyable experience on your iMac or Windows, the app allows you to quickly react to comments in tasks, make video calls directly from a Bitrix24 chat, share files, and do other amazing things.

Ready to Start?

There’s only so much we can tell about Bitrix24 in one article. Our product is best experienced “in person” and the fact that it's free just makes the experience even better. 

Get your free access to 30+ business tools and start doing things the new way with Bitrix24!

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