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Video Conferences, Calls and Screen Sharing

Video Conferences, Calls and Screen Sharing
Bitrix24 Team
December 28, 2020
Last updated: December 25, 2020

Dear Bitrix24 users,

Videoconferencing is the closest alternative to a personal communication that we all have. And it is an extremely popular feature. Our team have spent quite a while to optimise the process and develop new useful features for you that will enhance the flow of your regular online meetings. And here they are!

First, some general information. Video conferencing and calls are available in group and private chats. Session time and call duration are unlimited. Users with commercial plans can hold meetings with up to 24 people, while free plans are limited with only 12. If you need a meeting with more than 24 participants, there is a Zoom integration.


And now let’s get to the point.

Video calls are super easy to find and manage. You can learn how to do some basic interactions here. This feature is also available in Bitrix24 Desktop App and looks the same as in a browser. You can see more about desktop calls here. What’s new? Speaker or grid modes, ‘raise hand’, background blurring and more. Feature of screen sharing is improved, and you can read more in this article.

Did you know that video conferences are a slightly separate thing from video calls? Well, now you know it. There is a section where you can hold video conferences. Created like a regular event, video conferences can be protected with a password lock, so no one else can join your meeting. Also, you can send an invitation link to internal and external users. Your guests do not need even to register in Bitrix24, they can just join in. How to find the section and set up a conference read here.

We are working on session recording in audio and even video formats, and hope that you will like the update when we release it.

Stay tuned,

Your Bitrix24 team

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