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Scrum and How to Work with It

Scrum and How to Work with It
Bitrix24 Team
December 8, 2021
Last updated: December 10, 2021
Dear Bitrix24 users,

Recently we added the Scrum toolset to our Task and Project management section. Let's have a closer look at what we offer here.

Our Scrum methodology kit includes:
  • Creation of Scrum Teams with various team roles
  • Separate Scrum section includes sprints and backlogs
  • Define the result you want to see for each step of your plan
  • Set up a systematic work and keep everyone updated
You can find how our Scrum section looks like here.

There is also a full guide on how to work with Scrum! In particular, how you can set events and tasks, fill backlog and plan your sprints and some other options you will find here.

Keep your projects in the line more effectively with Bitrix24!

Kind regards,
Your Bitrix24 team.

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