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New CRM Form Designer

New CRM Form Designer
Bitrix24 Team
January 15, 2021
Last updated: January 18, 2021

Dead Bitrix24 users,

CRM forms (also called web forms) are an essential tool for collecting leads, deals and customers’ details. Using web forms, you can reach out to people, sign them up to various activities, collect their details or opinions, even book resources, sell things, etc. And all this information automatically comes to your Bitrix24 CRM, where you can manage it and make use of it. Isn’t this incredible?

As we constantly strive for improvement of our service, there is a great update of a CRM form designer. Now you can build web forms easier and faster – loading will take less time. And you can do more with a new designer, for example, use more designs or put several consents in the web form. Another great feature is that you can edit CRM forms from Birix24 Sites.

When you switch to a new system there are always questions. Here is the comprehensive guide about major issues that may appear, like where to find the designer or how to use it. New system bases on four general cases of the CRM forms, depending on what you want to ask (contact information, feedback, callback, expert mode). The last one is a fully customizable option, where you can choose what you need.

After the configuration of web form's purpose and essential points, there are design issues. If you need help here as well, feel free to use this guide.

We hope you like new changes, but in case of ‘emergency’, there is an option of switching between CRM form designers. Here are instructions on how to enable the new designer and how to get back to a classic one.

Enjoy better work with Bitrix24.

Best wishes,

Your Bitrix24 team

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