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Inventory Management Ultimate Guide

Inventory Management Ultimate Guide
Bitrix24 Team
December 14, 2021
Last updated: December 13, 2021
Dear Bitrix24 users,

Bitrix24 recently got a new tool... or rather, a set of tools for warehouse management or inventory management. New updated features will help you to manage products in stocks, record receipts, sales orders, transfers, and write-offs. 

Warehouse management allows you to record all transactions and operations of goods in the system. Employees enter data online keeping the system up to date, and managers are aware of what happens with the stock. As a result, there will be fewer shortages, surpluses, and thefts, as well as errors during sales and order placement.

First of all, here is the article about the inventory management toolset in general. There are also mobile app features for inventory management stock. Here is a short article.

Want to start warehouse management? Read this article.

If you already have data, here is the article on how to migrate your database to the Bitrix24 inventory section.

There are several important features to use and guides on how to use them properly:

Keep an eye on your stock with Bitrix24!

Kind regards,
Your Bitrix24 team.
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