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Delete Knowledge Base

Delete Knowledge Base
Bitrix24 Team
September 16, 2020
Last updated: September 23, 2020

Dear Bitrix24 users,

Companies develop and evolve with time almost in the same way as people do. Some things grow stronger, some fall off without leaving a trace. Skills are developed, knowledge is updated. It is important to keep your employees updated too, provide them with the right knowledge. The easiest way is the creation of knowledge bases in the Bitrix24 platform. They are available for whole company staff and for particular work or project groups.

Now you can delete those knowledge bases that you do not need any more for some reasons. Outdated, wrong, incomplete or just unneeded knowledge bases will not bother your working process.

Feel free to discover how to delete the knowledge base here.

Provide yourself only with relevant information and evolve with us.

Kind regards,

Your Bitrix24 team

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