A new level of collaborative work with documents in Bitrix24

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February 12, 2014
Last updated: December 30, 2020
A new level of collaborative work with documents in Bitrix24
In this post we’ll take a look at the collaboration tools for documents in Bitrix24 which have received additional and updated functionality.

Collaboration is even better now:
  • Open access to a folder in My Drive to any number of your coworkers! Work with colleagues together on documents and have everything synched through Bitrix24.Drive.
  • Work with documents from groups, the company drive and from other users offline! Correct documents even without an Internet connection, and when a connection is available again, all files will be synched automatically with the intranet.
Please note, after significantly expanding Bitrix24.Drive features, My Files, Group Files and Common Documents have been renamed to My Drive, Group Drive and Company Drive to reflect new document sharing and collaboration functions now available to you.

Share files with colleagues

Aside from providing access to files and documents and using the Shared files folder, you can share any folder in My Drive with colleagues and that folder will appear in their own My Drive section. You can choose to share read or editing rights.

Click the 'Share folder' option in the context menu for the chosen folder:


Choose persons with whom to share this folder and whether or not they will have editing rights:


These users will receive a message indicating that a folder is being shared with them:


The folder shows up in My Drive for those users:


Now your colleagues can get quick and convenient access to your documents.

Access to group and Company Drive files from My Drive

Group and Company Drive files can be made accessible from My Drive, meaning that all the files that you work with can be accessed from a single place.




A new and informative interface has been put into Bitrix24.Drive with information about space used and download history.


The app also synchronizes all files and folders in My Drive, including group and company folders which have been made accessible there, with the folder on your local machine.

When modifying documents, all changes are automatically synchronized for all users which have access to the given document via any Drive. Your Drive will always have the very latest version of documents.

Download Bitrix24.Drive now for your Mac or Windows.

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