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Meet Your New Bitrix24 Drive (Year 2014)

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Bitrix24 Team
December 24, 2014
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Meet Your New Bitrix24 Drive (Year 2014)
We have recently released new Bitrix24 Drive and added quite a few new features to it. Here's what you can do with your Bitrix24 Drive now:

Share your documents

All your work files can be stored and managed inside Bitrix24. Upload your reports, presentations, photos, contracts, documents and other files to “My Drive” and share them with other Bitrix24 users – simply choose access level permission for each employee or department (read, edit, full access):


Company Drive is accessible by all employees (“full access”) by default, unless configured differently by administrators. Each employee can create a new folder in Company Drive and configure access permissions for that folder (e.g. you can give access to users from your department only or just administrators):


Please note that when you delete the files – they will deleted everywhere in the system from all associated events or activities (e.g. unfinished tasks). You can check if the file is used in any activities at the file properties page:


If you need to share a file with somebody who is not registered in Bitrix24, you can get a public link for the file and share it:


Team work with documents

You can start collaborating on documents with your co-workers directly in Bitrix24 Activity Stream. You can upload (attach) new files to the message from your computer, select documents from Bitrix24 Drive or create new files using online and offline (local) word processing applications (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, MS Office, OpenOffice, etc.).


It is also possible to attach files to tasks, calendar events or CRM records. When you or other users make changes to a document, it is automatically updated everywhere it’s used. Old versions of the document are stored as well. Open the file to see its revision history:


Uploading files

You can now create new files in Bitrix24 using applications installed on your computer (e.g. MS Office) or via online cloud services (Google Docs, MS Office Web App):


 You can always change your choice for which application you’d like to use in the Drive settings>Document handling parameters:


 Or if you work in the Activity Stream, click “More” option next to the attached file:


 You can upload multiple files at once:


Sort files by name, date or size:


Work with docs online or offline

Using Bitrix24 Desktop app you can store your files both on your computer and in the cloud.
To enable Bitrix24 Drive synchronization with your local computer, download Bitrix24 desktop app for Mac or for Windows, open Drive section and switch on the Drive sync in “settings” . A special “Bitrix24” folder will be created at your computer and all files from My Drive and configured workgroups will be automatically synced both ways. You can connect folders from Company Drive to My Drive and files from these folders will be synced to your local computer as well.

Bitrix24 Desktop app allows you to edit files without down\uploading them to\from Bitrix24.

You can open files attached to tasks, calendar events or CRM messages, edit them (if you have access), new versions of files will appear as comment updates & the files will be updated everywhere throughout the system. If you don’t have access rights for the file, but have been invited to join the discussion , you will also be able to edit the file – your version will be uploaded as a new comment too, so that other users can access it, but the file initial or final versions won’t be changed.

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